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  1. Woo!! Congrats!! Glad to see nebraska is finally moving! Thanks for the update!
  2. Not yet... I’m hoping to hear something in the next couple of weeks. I’ve contacted Tier 2 officers and sent ‘out of processing time’ inquiries but am just told to get back with them in 60 days 😒
  3. Nebraska waiting time is now 9.5 to 12 months... livid 😡
  4. I called to speak with a tier 2 officer this morning and it took nearly an hour to get a hold of them for them to tell me it is all just "preliminary" and that I still have 63 days before theyll make a decision.. or at least before Im out of the processing timeframe. useless
  5. I have the same PD and also have the same "updated" date. Does that mean it has finally been looked at?
  6. Finally got to the 7 month mark and Nebraska has shot back up to 7.5 -10 month processing time😠 This is killer!
  7. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=5&option=1&sortby=2 Well first of the Visa Journey posters! So possibly others? Nebraska
  8. Not to get hopes up but June has 1 NOA2 approval 😍 at least this we know things are still moving!!
  9. @AMCEH i received the text/email and a receipt number that stated it had been sent to nebraska.. im sure I will receive the hard copy in the mail within the week! Did you fill out the G-1145 for an email receipt?
  10. My i-130 has been received and is being sent to Nebraska!! does anyone know the wait time with nebraska service center??
  11. Hi All!! I (US Citizen) sent the i-130 petition for my husband (British citizen) in last week and it was received on Saturday.. hoping to get the NOA1 by the end of the week !!
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