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  1. I’m sure this has been answered already but I am submitting my AOS tomorrow and Am confused/worried about part 5 of i-864ez. i have met the 125% above poverty level this year and 2018. I have 2018 tax transcript ready to submit however 2017 and 2016 I made zero US dollars as I was abroad with my spouse. Do I put a big fat 0 in box 6b /6c and just send in the 2018 transcripts? Will This look bad or does it matter? Thanks!
  2. Sorry , filing AOS this week and just wondering if I have to write in total income for 2nd/3rd most recent years in section 6.b/6.c of I-864 EZ if Providing tax transcripts for 2nd/3rd recent year is just optional? Thank you!
  3. I have also had this issue for several days now.
  4. Hello, My spouse and I have finally received our Case Number for the IR1/CR1 application, after a grueling 20 months. My question is in regards to the police certification and police records. I am aware we must retrieve police records from spouses home country to provide however my spouse also lived in the USA for several years and did unfortunately received a DUI in that time. Will we need to provide court records from that incident or will they have that in the US background report already? Thank you for your support in advance!
  5. Holy Moly... they finally approved us. PD : 6/25/2018 NOA 2 : 7/18/2019 Nebraska was about to jump ship. even after the weekend update... there is no change online or on case tracker.. and I didn’t receive an email.. just got it in the mail today!
  6. Thank you for posting this! At least there’s finally a reason for all of this limbo.. I had a hunch this was the case but the not knowing is what is so irritating!
  7. I do.. it sat on someones desk for 11 months and now it is with someone, however they are performing "additional reviews" which I have been told is basically an excuse to buy more time as several people receive this response during a service inquiry and a case can be in review for months. I just can not sit back and wait/ pray. I need action.
  8. So I got through to an officer this morning who said... "your case is with an officer. Call back in August to check on your case." So no progress made apparently.. not at all suprised... I am sending in the K3 visa today just so someone will at least look at my petition again.. here's to wishful thinking.
  9. I might do this tomorrow .. honestly what have we got to lose
  10. There’s a pretty knowledgeable guy on the FB I-130 page that said when they send you a response of “we’re performing additional reviews” it really is just a response for them to buy more time.. I’m calling tomorrow to check on my status.
  11. I’ve called 3x a week for the last 6 weeks as my case was finally in review as of June 6th. I called last week and had a very rude representative and just felt defeated.. I have spoken with my congressman and sent a letter to him but he takes a month to get a response from... Tempted to just move back to London to be with my husband.. I can’t handle the distance any longer
  12. My PD is June 25... and I received the same response for my 3RD inquiry. They told me to call back 30 days from this response which will be Thursday... I’m not holding my breath for any new/good news.
  13. Yeah I have sent in several inquiries.. every time they say wait 60 days and then push back the processing time ... my lease is up in September and if we don’t have an approval by then I’m moving back to England. This is crazy
  14. I tried as well.. and they wouldn’t let me .. since we’re not at 14.5 months
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