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  1. Yes I did sign on the additional part Thanks for your advice
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering, do we need to sign the 13 pages of the petition or only where it says " signature" page 10? Thank you! Have a good day 😊
  3. Hey everyone, I'm a little confused about how to fill out the names section on form i129f. It says "Given Name ( First name)", should I put all my names just like on my passport or just the one I use everyday? Thanks in advance for your answers! 😀
  4. Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well I have a question concerning the documents such as birth certificate or police certificate of the beneficiary. On the screenshot from the website attached, it says "documents in foreign languages, other than the language of the country where the application takes place should be translated" does that mean I don't have to translate them if my document are written in French and the interview is in France? Thanks in advance for your answers
  5. Thank you for your response! Do you remember what kind of tie you had when you applied for this visa?
  6. okay so that can't be the reason. I will send a redress to DHS and ask during the interview why it got denied. Thank you for your help
  7. I heard sometimes ESTA can be updated very late after a trip so I was thinking that was the reason. Because looking at this travel history, looks like I overstayed but I never did. Perhaps, they saw this and denied my esta after my trip in April. It is just a supposition. I will try to contact the CBP so they can correct this error.. if the agent at the embassy checks my travel history, it won't be good for me if the dates stay like they are right now.
  8. Okay maybe that's the reason why it was denied... if you look at my travel history, to them, I never left in January.. it says unavailable see the picture attached
  9. Hello Teemo, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question At the immigration in January, at the airport, the agent asked where I was going to stay, I said at my friend's house. he then asked, "is it a guy?" I said yes, he asked "why are you staying at his place?" I said "because I like him, we want to spend time together." And I did not lie because we weren't dating at that time. he didn't ask more question and let me in. I was able to go back in April in the US so I guess that is not the reason why my ESTA got denied. I haven't had any problem entering the US until now. I really don't feel like I did something wrong. I wonder what happened. I called a number to find out why my ESTA was approved then denied after my two trips and the guy said he could not tell me and that I have to apply for a visa. Can a FOIA be used to ask why it got denied?
  10. Okay, thank you for your quick responses! I will try to submitt before the job ends
  11. Is France a low fraud country? I hope so.. I now have a job but my contract ends in July but I plan to find a work after I come back from the US but I can't prove that with anything
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