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  1. HopefulWife

    Tax filings

    Which is what?
  2. HopefulWife

    Tax filings

    People that make the correct amount of income but have many dependents that disqualifies them as sponsors. My question is that last year my accountant filed for me married filing joint. My husband has never been to the us. Should I file the same way this year? I am worried that if I file married filing separate this year and they ask for both years they will question why I did them differently
  3. HopefulWife

    Tax filings

    I have heard a lot of people are getting blue slips because of improper tax filings. My husband is out of the country. Last year my accountant filed for us as married filing joint. Should I do the same this year?
  4. I applied for i130 Dec 18 2017. Approved June 6. June 23 sent to nvc June 29 Nvc received. Aug 11 Nvc case And invoice number assigned
  5. Just called to get our case number from NVC and I was able to get it:) What's next? The operator said I won't be able to do anything for the next 4 weeks?
  6. Hello im a June 6 2018 noa2 approval. Im a us citizen applying for my husband who is in mexico(never been to the US) married less than 2 years(CR1?). Sent to Nvc June 23 received by Nvc June 29 (I called them to find out) now just waiting for the welcome letter and case number. Anyone have any tips on what I should be doing? Or when I will likely get an interview date in cuidad Juarez?? I'm getting so anxious Thank you so much in advance!
  7. I got approved on june 6 sent out june 23 and received june 29. Now waiting for case number
  8. HopefulWife


    have you paid fees and sent documents??
  9. Hi all!! NOA2 June 6 (checked through new site) Received my letter June 12 Good luck to all and I wish you all a speedy processing
  10. Anyone know what the next step is? i need to wait for juarez interview, any idea of how long?
  11. Yes it was!!! its called case tracker
  12. No i was checking the app status and it was an error message so i checked online and it was approved!!!:) hope you hear something soon!!
  13. GUESS WHAT ALL I GOT APPROVED!!!!!! 06/07/18 PD DATE 12/20/17 US CITIZEN TEXAS SERVICE CENTER - SRC Thank you all for your support and well wishes! hope you all get approved soon!!!
  14. What does that mean?
  15. My receipt starts with SRC. I am a us citizen applied for i130 for husband(married less than a year) from Mexico who has never been to the US. Pd date Dec 20 2017. Still no answer. anyone heard anything with similar circumstances? ... called in January to have them correct my husbands birthday and was corrected a week later. Is that going to delay my application? It was an error on their end. I'm just so confused why approvals or denials aren't in order of pd date?