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  1. About three and a half weeks from submission- I submitted docs on 5/17 and got notified on 6/11.
  2. Mine took exactly a month. On 6/11 we got the notification from NVC that the docs had been accepted and that they'd work with the embassy for the interview. On July 11th, we got the interview notice from the Bogota embassy.
  3. So we finally have an interview date- I am planning to attend with my husband. I think everything is in great shape but have been freaking out a bit over the affidavit of support. I submitted my affidavit of support with transcripts to CEAC- my income has been over 100k for the past three years or so. The issue is that I had to file an extension for 2018 due to some corrections that were needed- I then sent the paper tax return given my husband is a non-resident alien and haven't gotten a response back from the IRS- they said they're stil processing. I explained this to NVC and they said to document the file but the file went to Bogota with a note that income may not be sufficient since there is no 2018 tax transcript, only the tax return. I have 2018 W2s and recent paystubs showing my continued $100K plus salary. NVC recommended that I have a backup sponsor in case the consular officer found an issue with the lack of 2018 transcript- when I asked if I should submit the backup sponsor documents through CEAC, NVC told me to just have the documents available for the interview. Is this usual? I am hoping I am just freaking out over nothing- I am sure you all understand the anxiety this process causes- I am in over 400 days and can't wait to be done with it and for my husband to be able to come home. Below is the income I reported on the 864 along with my backup sponsor: Me: 2015- $82,159 2016- $125,542 2017- $125,572 2018 W2- $154,299 7/15/19 Paystub- shows $143,000 base plus bonus Backup sponsor: 2016- $34,770 2017- $47,702 2018- $56,605 Also one last question, for the back up sponsor is it the 864 or the 864a? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  4. Thank you! Yes, we will be interviewing in Bogota. I am planning to attend the interview as well (I am the USC). Glad it went well for you- I can't wait for this process to be over
  5. Congratulations! That is great news! How was the interview? What questions did they ask?
  6. Sure thing! If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take to get the interview letter after NVC finished with the case? My case was complete at NVC last week, so just trying to figure out how long the scheduling of the interview may be.
  7. My understanding is that this applies if you used assets as part of your affidavit of support- so it'd be bank statements, 401K- any of that if you have it.
  8. It depends- I submitted the initial packet on 5/12 and I got a message 5/16 saying they had accepted most of my docs except for the police cert. I submitted the correct police cert on 5/17 and still haven't heard anything and documents show as processing. When I called NVC, they stated that they could take up to three weeks to review submitted documentation so hopefully they will be getting to yours and hours within the next week and half or so. I should note that my case is an electronic processing case so all my docs and feedback on such is through CEAC.
  9. My NOA 2 was dated 4/1 sent to NVC on 4/10 per USCIS. I have been calling NVC weekly and last week they told me it was received on 4/16 and that the case would be processed electronically but that no case number was available yet. When I checked the NVC processing timeline it states that they are currently processing cases received on 4/3. One person from NVC said to call weekly for status until I got my case number and invoice reference so that's what I have been doing. I think the avg is 6-8 weeks from NOA2 from what the agent said.
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