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  1. Still waiting for the shipment to leave NVC but we have encountered a problem. The violence in Haiti has left our final packet of updated documents in Connecticut, as our contact had to cancel the trip due to unrest. DHL is unreliable in Haiti and I am unwilling to send the packet on chance. I'm going to take a big leap of faith and email as much as I can (my fiance has a quite complete copy from initial filing) of the updated communication and I134 paperwork. Holding my breath that they won't have a problem with copies in Haiti. Also holding my breath that the consulate will be operating soon.
  2. I agree, no one else really understands the stress of all of this and venting is part of that. Information is great but the support of people experiencing the same thing has been the most valuable part of this forum. To the "wise old owls" on this site, perhaps when the questions become tiresome, maybe just take a break and not carry the cross of being an all knowing master with the weight of the visa world on your shoulders. This process is hard enough without being shamed for using the site as it's meant to be used.
  3. How long is it taking for the approval to leave California? We were approved on the 12th but as of today, it still hasn't been sent to NVC? Any clue of an estimate?
  4. So I know I'm waiting for an NVC letter but my fiance is in Haiti, they don't have a mail system, how do they notify people otherwise?
  5. There was no notification on old site or new site, nothing on the App. I just called as I call every day and they said we were approved on the Friday before. I'm waiting on the hard copy now.
  6. Approved! NOA 1 February 8 RFE September 25 RFE returned October 1 NOA 2 October 12
  7. The divorce decree doesn't have a stamp (they never stamp orders in Indiana) USCIS said there was no proof of it being filed or recorded. I spoke with the clerk who will give me a new certified decree with a letter of authentication and an explanation of why there is no file stamp.
  8. I just received the hard copy RFE today, along with the information on my divorce, I also missed checking two boxes. The first box was have we met in the last two years...easy enough yes. The second question also easy, Has beneficiary ever been to the US, so I checked no, it says if yes put NA in corresponding boxes, I had put his passport information in these boxes! So to fix, I put NA next to those answers and I will attach the I129F additional page, with an explanation that I thought the question was asking if the beneficiary had a passport...does this sound acceptable?
  9. Just ask to be escalated...it helps to have a specific question that NEEDS to be answered by a tier 2 agent.
  10. Has anyone else had their RFE Faxed? If so, was the petition included in the FAX? I received the FAX today which asked about my divorce decree but also indicated there was an omission for one of the boxes, indicated in the "attached petition". I called Tier 2 back and they could only pull up the letter but no petition to tell me what the boxes were. Just wondering if they forgot that part or if the petition part is just not part of the FAX?
  11. I thought this photo of a USCIS adjudicator's desk was interesting. I pictured maybe a handful of files at a time, it seems like quite a lot to juggle and oddly made me feel a bit better that my case wasn't just rotting in a corner alone and forgotten.
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