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    My wife and I have been married for 8 years. I'm British, and my wife was born and raised in Philadelphia. She moved to England to be with me and my 2 children in 2010. Now that our children are older and moving up to college and university, we plan to move back to Philadelphia, so that my wife can look after her elderly mother and the kids can benefit from a better education.

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  1. Hi, my wife and I are planning to relocate to the US in the next few months and we need advice on how we can get our 16-year-old son into the US school system. We know which high school we'd like him to enrol with, it's in the Cape Henlopen School District in Deleware. We're all currently living in the UK; my son (from my previous marriage) and I are both UK citizens and have been living in the UK from birth. My wife is a US citizen and has lived with us in the UK for the past 8 years. We're in the midst of relocating to northern Delaware and will be buying our own property when we move over. This will take a few more months to complete, so to avoid our son missing the start of the US school year, which starts on September 4, we've decided to fly him over in advance so that he can join his new school as soon as possible. In the short term, he'll be staying with my wife's family until we move over, and then we'll move to our own property. We also have a 19-year-old who is staying in the UK to complete university studies and will then move over to the US to join us in 2-3 years from now. We've researched what needs to be done to move our son to the US school system but we're a little unclear on how to prepare and complete the school application. If you have any tips or suggestions on how to expedite the application process and/or any pitfalls we should avoid, then any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.
  2. Thank you all so much! You've been incredibly helpful and supportive! I had no idea about the DCF option till this week but I'll definitely be using this route. I really appreciate all of you for taking an active interest in me and my family 😊
  3. Hi, my wife and I wish to move from our current home in the UK to my wife's hometown of Philadelphia. She has full US citizenship as she lived there her entire life until moving to the UK in 2010. My children (18 and 15 years old) and I were born and raised in the UK and they will be moving with us. We considered hiring a lawyer to help with the visa process but having spoken to a couple of law firms, we were shocked at the exorbitant fees they charge. And that's how we discovered VisaJourney! We've researched the visa process and have a basic understanding of what we need to do and would like some advice and tips on how to get through the visa process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We'd also be grateful for advice on any pitfalls we should avoid!