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  1. lovemywife85

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Congrats, I did not receive any update since then, I asked for name change probably this is the reason!
  2. lovemywife85

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Did he got the update on the website also ?
  3. lovemywife85

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Do you know anyone did the interview and got like different approval form from this local office?!
  4. lovemywife85

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    It said congratulations recommended for approval If final approval grant you will be scheduled for Ceremony.
  5. lovemywife85

    N-400 February 2019 Filers

    Yes by IO and checked in A option.
  6. You can probably send them some bills or any mortgage or lease under both names. The reason for asking for them again could that another IO is adjusting your file to give you the final approval.
  7. That is true I appreciate your help! You are one of the very good members here I really get a piece of good information from what you posted! Thank you and good luck at your ceremony!
  8. True I am sorry I bothered so many people but It is just I am nervous! I am sorry again thank you!
  9. I did my interview last Thursday 25th The IO handed me a note that I passed and recommended for approval but nothing change still show we scheduled your interview? He mentioned that the local office is busy and having a bunch of cases ahead of mine and the supervisor needs to approve it after his approval? Should I be worry ? or this is just a normal thing?
  10. Thank you I will probably give it like one week! The IO mentioned that the office loaded with so many cases I think maybe this is could be a reason! I hope so!
  11. So far the website said the interview was scheduled! I started to be nervous because it is been now more than one day!