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  1. I got the same issue and after like a week I got the new social . I think no issues.
  2. I applied for the passport yesterday , I did a mistake on the application by answering the question about employer sayin unemployee I thought the question was about my wife since it is just the box right after asking about her name . I really do not know if this mean they will decline my application for the passport.
  3. I got my ceremony on Friday 21th June and today the website of USCIS said My ceritificate issued at 24th of June is this ok ?
  4. I had my ceremony done last Friday 21th today I saw an update saying we issued your certificate I am wondering is this normal since I did my ceremony at June 21th . Thank you guys and good luck everyone.
  5. Congrats, I did not receive any update since then, I asked for name change probably this is the reason!
  6. Do you know anyone did the interview and got like different approval form from this local office?!
  7. It said congratulations recommended for approval If final approval grant you will be scheduled for Ceremony.
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