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  1. hello every one can someone help me how to apply for the green card for my wife she came here in US as k1 visa we got marred and now we looking how to apply for 2 years green card so what forums we need and plz send me the link if u can so I can print the forums . thank u so much
  2. u right about the value of my documents is nothing I heard that from them asking to get money for renew my documents .but am trying to get new documents and I have hard time and am working everyday no day off but am trying and right now am on hold with fadex he told me little bit ago he don't know the last update was in England on 6/27 /2019 that is all am waiting for him right now to see what he going to tell me am sure he will say that he send over email to England like they did that 10000 times and nothing back from them will c. and thanks u for ur helping me thank u
  3. i did pay for the insurance still nothing u get from them just the 70 dollars I payed for shipping and 100 I believe for the insurance MAYBE
  4. i did talked with them nothing new I been talking for a week and nothing they don't know where
  5. Documents lost I lost my original documents witch's the letter from USCIS ,NVC letter , W2 original , my original divorce papers and the US citizenships paper also original too BY FedEx they lost it and they don't know where . now the reason I send it caz my fences she going to have her interview soon she need original documents from me to have it in her interview so plz I want someone to help me found how I get FedEx down they should pay me money for what they did to my documents another thing can someone tell me what my fences need from me for her interview ? thank u so much
  6. hello every one I need to know after my fiancés payed the fee to the CIP bank in ( cario - Egypt what next what she should to do and it does show on the wep there is no time to when tried to setup time for the interview also what about the medical exam do she need to do that by her self or she have to wait until they call or email her ? thanks
  7. hello every one plz I need to know after my fiancée payed the fee to the CIP bank at her country (Egypt) then she choses the day for her interview what next she can wait for also what about her medical exam does she do it by her self or she will wait till the us embassy tell her thanks
  8. no she didn't get any visa all we want to know when will she get all her documents to schedule the interview do she call them or they will contact her like I said the last thing we did is done with DS160 then we stopped
  9. I need help to know what next after the form DS160 for k1 me and my sermon finished so what is next do we call the embassy or they call her or what we need to know thank u so much for helping by the way she is Egyptian I don't know if that any different or no thanks
  10. thank u so much for helping me another thing now I did form ds160 and we done with it now what I should to do what am waiting for ? if u know the answer plz let me know thank u again
  11. even after the got her visa in her passport ?
  12. hello every one plz I just need good answer for my quotation my fiancée she got approved from USCIS AND ALSO NVC also her case at the embassy at her country lets say she got the visa and she about ready to enter to the USA BEFOR she leave her country we thinking if I can go get her to USA also marry her there as her religious faith but we still will do right by k1 visa no change is that okay or will be issues when she enter to the USA thank u for helping me
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