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  1. Mine was K1 visa. We didn't submit anything to NVC. We initially submitted the entire packet to USCIS. From then on it get handled by NVC, and when it arrives at the embassy, you just bring more evidences to the interview. I'm not familiar with IR1 visa. Maybe someone here who's well familiar with it can help you. Best of luck!
  2. First and foremost, I'm really sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. My heartfelt condolences to you. We got our NOA2 end of January. We received an NVC letter beginning of March. We heard from the embassy on the 10th of March. We really don't know how long it took NVC to process the case and forward it to the embassy. But assuming from the numbers, it'd be over a month. But it also depends case to case. Honestly, your best friend right now is patience lol. I know it seems never ending and hard, but trust me everything will fall into place before you know it
  3. Hello, congrats on your wedding I use to be a resident. For us, from the time we got our NOA2 and the embassy received our case was like a month and two weeks. NVC processing doesn't depend on country or residency. It all depends on the number of applications they're processing simultaneously. Just to clarify, did you file in Netherlands or Saudi Arabia?
  4. Good news! My visa is issued as of yesterday!! I'm so relieved and wish the same for everyone who's waiting. God bless you all! Through Him, everything is possible 😊
  5. I get that but why would the consul tell me we were approved?
  6. Hey guys! I had my interview at the embassy last month and the consul said we were approved and that we'd be getting our visa within 5 to 10 days. It's been now 18 days and I haven't heard anything and so I decided to look it up our case status on ceac.state.gov and it says that our visa is undergoing Administrative Processing and that it might take several weeks. I'm really confused because the consul told me we were approved and that we'd be receiving our visa. Can someone please explain this to me? I'd really appreciate it!
  7. We didn't hire a lawyer and it all went smooth. The main thing is to be organized and include as much evidence as possible and you'll be fine. All the best to you both! 😊
  8. I think you misunderstood my question. I'm not asking if they'll find the child support payment to be good enough or not. I'm asking if they'll question his capability of supporting me financially when they see the high amount mentioned on the decree vs. his current earnings. The child support mentioned on the decree is over half of what he's making now.
  9. Hey guys! I've got a question regarding my fiancé's previous marriage. On the decree, it mentions a certain amount for child support which is high due to his previous employment, he was getting paid a higher salary than now. But ever since he got this new job, he has filed a petition to lower child support and have it adjusted to his current earning. That petition is still going, and the child support has gotten lower than the first time, like on the decree, but not as low as it should be in regards to his current earning, and the final court hearing for the final adjustment is going to be pretty soon. Now, my question is, would it cause a problem during my interview at the embassy as they'd see the amount mentioned on the decree is way too high compared to his current earnings, and would decide he's not capable of supporting me? I guess what I'm trying to say is, what kind of proof should I take with me to the interview that shows the child support has gotten lower and will get even lower? Or would just explaining the situation to the officer be good enough? Because my fiancé is more than capable of supporting his two kids from his previous marriage, himself, and myself included. Thanks for your help in advance!☺️
  10. I suggest you follow what the most knowledgable VJers are saying. Plus, since you're in the military, you qualify for putting in an expedite request stating why you need your spouse to join you in the US asap, and your reason is deployment. Best of luck! It'll all work out. Don't stress out too much, you'll go nuts. And hats off to all the sailors out there😍my fiancé is an ex Navy sailor☺️☺️
  11. I'm assuming you were able to get it waived? It's sad how they can't just do their jobs right. Hopefully @Sandy05 could get it sorted out just like you did.
  12. If he has lived in Saudi for at least 6 months, then he NEEDS to get a police clearance from there. If you read the K1 instructions thoroughly, you'll find that police clearances are needed from countries one has lived in for at least 6 months. What I think could work is have him try and contact the US embassy in Saudi if they can help sort this out by giving him an official letter stating why it's required so that he can take it straight to the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to get it authorized and then to any police department to get his clearance.
  13. Congratulations!! Wish you both the best and hope the rest of the journey will be smooth!😊
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