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  1. Hi everyone, So I misunderstood how the K-1 visa worked and thought that there were not any risk if we waited to file for an adjustment of status (AOS). We waited because of financial reasons, my wife gave birth, and had dental issued that needed immediate attention. We had gotten married 5 days after her arrival here, so I thought if we waited to file the AOS that it would be ok, while we addressed the other medical related issues first. Well, after reading on the forums the last few days I realized that she is “out of status”. Because of this I want to submit her packet ASAP. I have everything done except for her vaccines, which she could not get before coming here because she was pregnant. I read in the instructions that it is not necessary to include the I-693 with the AOS: To avoid any possible issues with law enforcement I would like to mail off her packet today and have her I-693 and vaccines done and bring those to the interview with us. This should be ok, or should I wait until the I-693 is completed to send in her AOS? Thanks!
  2. You said that the EAD and the AP doesn’t cost anything extra? When I looked under fees, one had a fee of $410 and the other a fee of $575? Or are they waived when you submit them with the AOS?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if the green card serves the same purpose as both the EAD and AP or do you need them even after receiving a green card? The reason why I ask this is because, I am about to submit the Adjustment of Status (AOS) for my wife. I am fortunate to have a good career in the medical field, and my wife and I agreed that she was not going to look for work until our newborn child is 5 years old and has started school, also my wife does not have a reason/desire to return to her country of birth any time soon. The process time for an AOS in my area is 11.5 to 18.5 months at the moment. Once we receive her green card, she can then travel and/or work if needed or would she still need an EAD and AP? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, My wife's K-1 visa was approved and she arrived in the united states back in November of 2018. However, she was pregnant at the time so she did not receive all of her vaccines. She also didn't have any childhood records. So, on her vaccination documentation the doctor put "c" (contraindicated) for the majority of her vaccines. My wife has since given birth, and I am now about to send off her forms for her adjustment of status, and understand that she will have another biometric screening done. My question is: Should she go get the required vaccinations before her biometrics appointment, or should she wait, and they can give them to her at the appointment? Thanks in advance!
  5. MedicineManRx

    K1 Visa DR

    Yes it was already done, and we have already scheduled our interview. However, like one of the users stated above, they can’t go in for their medical exam until they have a letter from the NVC.
  6. MedicineManRx

    K1 Visa DR

    Thanks for all of that info! Once I get the letter can I scan it and email it to her, is she allowed to take a copy? Will they email it to me also, or does it come via physical mail only? Thanks again!
  7. MedicineManRx

    K1 Visa DR

    Ok thanks! No, so far i got her passport, and biometrics done, she will visit the doctor on Tuesday, and get her police record and birth certificate next week also.
  8. MedicineManRx

    K1 Visa DR

    Thanks! One more question? Do I need to have her visit the VAC again to stamp her new appointment date if I change it? When she went to the VAC initially she took her DS-160 along with a form with her VAC and interview date. She stayed that they stamped her paperwork but she can’t remember which and she’s in Santiago for for the week so she can’t check.
  9. MedicineManRx

    K1 Visa DR

    Thanks for being her to help! My fiancé’s case was approved September 4th, and I have yet to contact the national visa center. I’ve already scheduled her interview at the Embassy in Santo Domingo for October 25th. However, a much closer interview date opened up. I wanted to reschedule for October 12 but I’m afraid that the the embassy May not have received my case from the NVC by then? How long does it usually take for the embassy to receive one’s case from the NVC? Do you think scheduling an interview for October 12th is too soon? Thanks !
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