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  1. I think I was not clear in my question, they live abroad, and they visit all the time, I want to know if 1) can apply while they are here, or do I have to wait until they get back to send forms, ? 2) after applying , will they be able to travel? to and from US with their tourist visa? thanks
  2. hello, I want to bring my parents to us, ( us citizen here) they live abroad, but they visit very often can I start the application while they are here in US with a tourist visit? and file form I-130 and form I-485 at the same time,? I googled it but got mixed answers, thanks !!!
  3. today , I been fighting this for the past 4 hours, please help!!!
  4. Hello I have been trying to sign and finish my N 400 application online , and I keep getting a 500 error that the page doesn't exist or it's unavailable??? This is crazy, I tried different browsers, clear all cookies and nothing, please help!!!! I don't know what to do. I called them and they say that I already did what they were going to tell me, 😐, anyone having this problem, helppppp Thanks
  5. Hello can you early apply online for N400, or is only for paper filling? Also I'm in Miami FL for you know how long does the whole process take? Thanks