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  1. If you already have your receipt number, go ahead. If you're waiting for NOA1, trying to change address will be a WORLD of headaches, I can say from experience.
  2. My wife finally got her NOA1 yesterday. I thought it had been lost during address update (we moved while still waiting for it but filed a forwarding address, of course), but it turned out it had been put in the wrong mailbox and our landlord had it!
  3. My credit card was charged! It looks like they finally got to the pile of applications from April 12th (I noticed we all had the same delivery day)! I've never been so happy to have a $1200 charge appear on my card...
  4. Our package also reached them (via USPS) on the 12th and we haven't heard a thing, no charge to my credit card, nothing. I guess based on your experience I can conclude calling would be a waste of time... Lockbox Limbo is the worst.
  5. I'm also in the "haven't heard back yet" boat--our package arrived at the lockbox by USPS on the 12th and they still haven't charged my card or sent anything to us. I'm very anxious because we're moving in a week and even though we've set up PO forwarding I don't want to somehow miss the reply.
  6. We are in the middle of filing our AOS and also right about to move. I see that the online tool lets you associate your change of address with a pending case, which makes sense, but our case was mailed weeks ago and we haven't gotten a receipt number yet. Now we're moving in a little under two weeks and need to update our address. Should we hold out until the receipt number reaches us? What if it takes longer than the allotted 10 days after filing? The files we mailed contained our current/old address, not the new one.
  7. About how long from the mail being delivered was it before the charge appeared/check was cashed?
  8. I had to resubmit our application because we somehow didn't sign it (even though we signed the other copy that we kept at home!). So, I was a March filer, now I'm an April filer, and just like last time, my package has been "In transit, Arriving Late" for days now!
  9. Right. That's why I was confused! So, sign the thing, put the NOA1 date in that field, and that's what they need from us?
  10. I'm a little confused by this. Are you saying I should put my I-129F NOA1 date in section 2 question 4, or that they are talking about the next NOA1 that would happen when they accept our AOS package (after it's properly signed)?
  11. Well.... we forgot to sign it. Feeling kind of dumb for that. There was also something about priority date that I'm still trying to figure out the solution for. (If anybody thinks they can help, please click below!)
  12. Our packet got rejected... we made some mistakes. It's not a huge distaster, but I think it may move us to the April thread technically!
  13. We put the receipt number from our original I-129F, and left the priority date blank since I'd never heard of a priority date and it said (if any).
  14. We just got a "rejection notice" for our AOS, which was terrifying. The first problem was that we forgot to actually sign (ok, that is our mistake!) but they also said: "Based on the information you provided, your priority date could not be established. Please resubmit your application with the proper documentation to the address listed at the bottom of this notice." Then there's a list of documents that may be provided, which include I-130, I-140, I-360 (none of which we have) or an I-797 if one of those or an I-526 has already been filed or approved (they didn't mention k1 here) But we filed a K-1, and submitted a copy of our I-797 for THAT in our package. What are they asking for?
  15. It was delivered on Monday and I still haven't heard anything! I know from the K1 process that I should probably refrain from tearing my hair out in frustration, but the urge remains.
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