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  1. Hi all- I've been struggling with getting my interview date rescheduled. After contacting the Visa call center, Montreal Embassy and NVC several times, their only response is to let the interview date pass with a "no show", once it passes, only then I can call back in to get another date. I find this abnormal! Did someone go through the rescheduling process or know of anyone who went through it recently with Montreal Consulate? It does not seem logical for me to miss my interview date (when it can be re-assigned to someone else who is in need)! Any advice is highly appreciated!☹️
  2. Hi all. Good news. Got my interview date April 15th. Unfortunately I'll be on mandatory business trip and won't be able to attend. Checking to see if I can reschedule or just cancel my international trip.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone shed some light to the format of the job offer letter requirement? @vnca @kapen @Shaki @ascb
  4. Hi all, as I prepare for the interview, can someone tell me the format of the offer letter? Does it have to be this several pages of offer letter that we received when I first accepted this role or can it be an employment letter stating title, name, salary, job tasks, etc. And that I will still have this role upon my return? If someone has a format please let me know.
  5. My CC date is early Dec 2018, hoping to hear by end of Feb or early March for an April 2019 date. If not, my estimate would be an interview in May (based on @AshleyJill Nov CC was scheduled for March, unless it's one-off situation)
  6. Here is everyone's timeline from what I gathered with some missing details: Name Category CC Date Interview Date PhilCanUSRN EB2 7-May 16-Nov Deztiny EB2 21-May 26-Nov CanMon EB2 26-Jul 19-Jan Ratri EB2 6-Aug 5-Feb vnca EB3 20-Aug 15-Feb Kapen EB3 17-Sep 12-Mar adison EB3 20-Sep 20-Mar Shaki EB2 10-Oct 3rd week of March ascb EB2 11-Oct Early March dskar EB2 18-Oct ? Mr Jingles ? 18-Oct 22-Mar AshleyJill EB3 6-Nov 22-Mar bkbk8 EB2 7-Dec Waiting GCM EB3 11-Dec Waiting Mo85 EB2 Waiting Waiting
  7. Hi all- congratulations to everyone who received their interview dates. So happy to see this! For some reason the post notification emails were going to my spam and haven't seen all the updates. Here is my update: after going back and forth with NVC on about over 5 Checklists of documents that I already sent, my CC is finally Dec 7 (delayed since June '18) (EB-2). Also, according to @AshleyJill CC on Nov 6th and interview date in March and if I understand this correctly, I along with @mo85 may possibly get notified soon for an interview in April or May instead of the ~6months timeline we've been noticing (could be June).
  8. Congratulations!!! So happy to hear that it went smooth for you! Did you meet other EB2 folks there? Can you share the questions they asked you or any docs they requested?
  9. Hi there, Given my personal experience, I can clearly understand what @Canadianeh! is explaining, although I am confused, the reason being is that the # of GCs available per fiscal year applies to both AOS folks and CP; I am really curious to what your lawyer will say. I hope it only applies to AOS folks and not us (I used to work in the U.S., left to activate my current PR card, now been in Canada over 4 months jobless waiting for my interview :( Also, almost every year in Aug - Sept, the priority dates for EB2 mainly gets retrogressed regardless of country of origin (you can refer https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin.html years 2017, 2016 and so on) and then it returns to Current the following month or so. Please keep us posted!
  10. That is awesome news! Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing when your interview date is? Also, if it's not too personal, can you share the high level reason(s) for the expedite request? Unfortunately I left the USA and living in Canada and I'm on unpaid leave for the past 2 months and unable to work remotely for the company until I get my Visa appointment scheduled. So I'm out of a job technically and just afraid it will take longer to get an appointment than expected.
  11. I'm in the same boat- my EB-2 application is about to be fully processed at the NVC and will be sent to Montreal soon. wow, 70 days and still no appointment interview scheduled!? Did you email or inquire with the Consulate about this? I've seen other non employment based applicants (immigrant visas) processed in less than 30 days. Hope someone else in the same situations can provide us with an update. Please keep us posted.
  12. Thanks for the advise. Would appreciate if you can keep me posted with your process and interview feedback. I wish you all the best! Good luck!
  13. Not yet. Just called NVC they just received my case and said it takes up to 8 weeks to get it into their system. have you gone through this process before and specifically with Toronto consulate?
  14. Hello all, I was curious to whether someone has gone through Consular Processing of I-140 in Toronto recently? My I-140 has just been sent to NVC and my priority date is current. I currently live in the U.S. and have a Canadian PR as well. I would like to hear about anyone's recent experience, any tips/suggestions, how long did the medical docs take, and/or things to watch out for? I've read some pinned topics and understand the type of docs I need to carry with me but was just curious to what to expect when I'm there (my spouse is a dependent on my case and will be accompanying me too). Please excuse me if this is not the correct forum section to post this in. Thanks!