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    nikkido reacted to Shazada in K1 Visa Second Interview   
    If you do not mind can you please tell us why you had two interviews? have you ever applied for another K1 visa before?
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    nikkido reacted to TBoneTX in Second Interview at London Embassy   
    Good luck to your friend, but is she interviewing at the London embassy? Are her circumstances the exact same as those of the original poster? These answers are important if any rough parallels can be drawn between the two situations.
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    nikkido reacted to Ja&Ra in Help please! I need advices and answers...221g Asking for a second interview.   
    Hey guys! We got it, our K1 visa was issued the December 6th, The second interview was nice, I was nervous at the beginning but then I felt so confortable because our relation is real. It was exactly how you told me the CO (A nice woman, no like the first one) interviewed us separated. She took more time with my man, but appently we had the same answers in all her questions. Then we spent a nice week together, now we are ready for the next step. I really appreciated your advices and wishes. I'm here for helping other people in the same situation. YAY!!!!!!!
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    nikkido reacted to Myra&Ashiq in After the embassy collected the passport how long will it take to issue the visa ?   
    Nargisi Jan we have been in AP for almost 6 months
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    nikkido reacted to NN2 in After the embassy collected the passport how long will it take to issue the visa ?   
    I just read that you said the embassy doesnt keep the passport for more than two weeks after they call you for it after a long AP..But they called me after a long AP to drop off my passport but now it has been more than 17 days that they keeping my passport without any change on my case status as it went back to AP after READY ..Any ideas what is going on with my case?
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