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  1. Hey fellow VisaJourney friends, I'm currently filling out the DS-260 and there is a question about additional citizenship or nationalities. I am Canadian, live in Canada and have a valid Canadian passport which we used to file for the I-130. But i'm also a dual citizen and have a valid Dutch passport which I have included on the DS-260 form. To make things more complicated, I was born in South Africa and used to have a South African passport in the past but it has now long since expired. So I also added South Africa along with Dutch and Canadian but mentioned that I do not have a valid passport for South Africa. Now my question is this: WHEN I AM SENDING MY IV PACKAGE, DO I SEND A PHOTOCOPY OF THE BIOGRAPHIC DATA OF MY VALID CANADIAN AND VALID DUTCH PASSPORT? I can't find any information anywhere that tells me what to do. Please help me figure this one out. Thank you!
  2. Hey all! Just found out that our case was approved on Aug 21. We were at TSC and didn’t file a K3. So excited! This means everyone else’s time is coming soon
  3. Hey fellow i130 filers, We received a text from USCIS on Feb 7 that our case had been received (we sent it Feb 4). Our case number starts with SRC - so I believe that means Texas Service Center. Hoping the next few months fly by and good luck to everyone filing in February 🙂
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