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  1. Has she applied for any immigrant visa before and is she into any job with high sophisticated tech
  2. you really didnt need a lawyer tho but since u have used him or her she should officially write to the embassy
  3. was any of you married before? dont give up dont be tired some unexpected situations occur in life but we wont relent until we get what we want. you will get it soon
  4. they will reply you soon to let u know why. and if they need any documents they will also notify you since everything is fine there is no cause to panic
  5. and before that time he didnt apply for another Visa because something must have triggered that action.
  6. it happens sometimes. it might be your man applied for an immigrant Visa sometimes back and after the consular final review something contradictory came up, ask him about his previous application. most people I know that had issues like this has been because of their past applications ,especially issues of misrepresentation
  7. so right they dont come back .no one knows what happens there after
  8. you will have to go and get the affidavit of singleness before u married your USA wife, then u might need a misrepresentation waiver
  9. did u apply for a tourist Visa before u married your American wife and filled married to the mother of your child
  10. did you marry your American wife or you just applied for a fiancee Visa. if any of both go to ikoyi registry and get the affidavit of bachelorhood and singleness
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