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  1. Hello VJ fellows, Does anyone know how can I check my husband's green card status, after the fees has been paid? Thank you for your response.
  2. Hello, Thank you, yes we kind of celebrated in Montreal, but the real celebration will be when my husband comes to USA. Our experience was different than others from this consulate, due to some circumstances. First of all we reached at the consulate around 8.30 AM, appointment was at 9.30 AM. We checked in at the reception and the lady from there gave us a sheet which had a number at top and list of documents. After that we went through security check, they kept our cell phones there but we were able to take everything else including my purse with us. They told us to take elevator to 19th floor ( they did not have any other floor options in the elevator ). We took a seat in waiting are once we got to 19th floor. They were calling people to submit original documents at windows 1-4, interviews were taking place at window 7,8 -- I noticed that they were calling everybody for interview to window 8 in numerical order. Only the ones who had a red flags on their files were called to window 7. My husband was called to window 7 -- They interviewed him for about 5-7 minutes and asked him to take a seat because they need to review his file again and they will call him again. He was called again after 15-20 minutes. They asked him pretty much the same questions again and said that your visa is approved and he will get his passport back in 2 weeks-- he got his passport back on 3rd day after interview. They asked him if he had any issues with law enforcement, any debts, if he has any property in Canada, with who he lives in Canada, what does he do in Canada, how much money he makes in a month... there were a lot more questions. They did not see any pictures, call details, did not ask for any proofs when I went to visit him in Canada. It was a stressful morning.. we were there from around 8.30 to 11sh. Good luck to your interview.
  3. JUst print out the email and you will be fine. Just make sure that the email has interview date and time.
  4. Thank you.. I am happy for you too. Safe drive to US.
  5. Hello, My husband received his passport back on Thursday as well.. His passport got home prior to him returning from Montreal, since we stayed there for few days. .. I can't wait for him to come now.. Interview date August 7th, Interview date received July 6th, CC June 20th.
  6. Yeah, too bad we did not know. Thank you and Good luck for your future.
  7. We were sitting right behind you. I had red top and white skirt. My husband had blue shirt and blue hat on. Thank you,
  8. were you wearing black floral shirt? Yes, they asked a lot of questions most of them were repetitive just wording was changed.
  9. We were there before 9am. We were #13. What was your number?
  10. Congratulation!! I was there as well today with my husband for his interview.... His visa got approved, but they made it really tough... I am really happy that this journey is almost over... Just need to get his passport back.. 🙏
  11. Congratulations... I am so happy for you guys.. Would mind sharing your interview process please? My husband's interview is in 2 weeks and I am kind of nervous.. Thank you
  12. Yes, that is the correct email. We emailed them on Friday did not get any response yesterday we called them at 604-597-1233 and talk to a lady and she took our details and said that her colleague will reply to out email shortly. We received their response yesterday evening.