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  1. Hey guys, as usual I've been reading some conflicting information online about what is required for AOS on a K-1 visa & need some clarification. I entered the US with my K-1 a couple of weeks back & got married, however the K-1 itself expires pretty soon. As far as I understand, the visa itself is basically irrelevant now that I've entered the US, but I've read in various places online that I need an unexpired K-1 visa in order to file for AOS. This would be pretty inconvenient as mine will expire before I get an SSN, amongst other things. Am I right in thinking that now I'm married I only have to worry about filing for AOS before the I-94 expires? And that the K-1 expiry date has no more relevance now that I'm married & in the US? Or will I need to hurry up & file while the K-1 is unexpired?
  2. Thanks for the replies folks, basically just need my visa & the sealed packet then, that's a relief!
  3. Hi folks, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I've been finding some conflicting info on exactly what I'll need to bring for point of entry on the flight over. I'm flying into San Francisco in a few days with my K-1 and want to make sure I've got everything in order. As far as I knew, my passport with the visa page & the dreaded Sealed Envelope are all I'll need, but I've been reading in other places that I'll need more paperwork? If I do need to print anything else off then I'm screwed since my printer is now gone, but I have all files, scans & photos from the petition in Drobox & available on my phone, and the printout of my actual visa application with the barcode. However I've not been officially told I'll need anything other than the passport/visa & the envelope (and it wouldn't make much sense to me to bring anything else, but I've also realised this process doesn't always make much sense) - can anyone with experience confirm what was required on entry?
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys - I tend to err on the side of getting copies of everything too, even if it's just for my own records, so will definitely get a copy of the certificate. We'll be in Sacramento for a while at first, so we won't be dealing with the LA County delays thankfully. Just AOS to look forward to then... I'll be glad when all the bloody red tape is finally done!
  5. This is fantastic, thanks so much for all the replies. We did look into the "normal" marriage process but I assumed it would be different for us & wanted to check. Thanks for clarifying everything folks, we can go ahead and start planning ahead now 😄
  6. This might sound like a dumb question but... neither my fiancee nor I are sure how to get married once I'm over in the states. I'm currently in the UK in Administrative Processing purgatory, and if all is approved I will be moving to California. All I can find out for sure is that if two US citizens want to marry they'll need a marriage license in Cali, but I have no idea what kind of preparations I need to make as a K-1 immigrant. Are there any posts here or anyone who can summarise the process?
  7. Cool thanks for the info everyone, as usual this place has been a lifesaver 👍
  8. Thanks for clarifying that folks, it does make a certain kind of sense. I just figured the embassy would only be interested in the details & proof from whoever is actually sponsoring me. With regards to her income and proving it, she's never held a steady job, so there's no straightforward figure or proof. She joined a temping agency at the end of last year, so there is no regular set wage or salary & only a few months of payslips to prove any income. For now, on the "salary" part of the form she's just multiplied the past few months' worth of income out to get an average 12-month figure, but she's not sure what to supply as evidence, and how long back they'll want it (she worked part-time for six months 2017-2018 too, but that business closed down & is gone). I'm guessing bank statements and paystubs won't be enough?
  9. I've looked around for this info but can't seem to find many consistent answers, so hopefully someone with some experience can help. I am the UK beneficiary, and my fiancee is in California. She currently does not earn enough to make the minimum required for sponsorship, so I've asked my US-based cousin to be a co-sponsor. I understand that my cousin will obviously have to fill in an I-134 and provide proof of income, but will my fiancee have to fill in one too, even though she won't actually be sponsoring me? Googling this turned up reasons for both Yes and No. If Yes, then will she also need to provide proof of income (ie. proof that she doesn't earn the minimum)? Common sense would tell me No to both questions, but I'm realising common sense doesn't always factor into this process!
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