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    L&mama reacted to nicolived in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    This is my first time posting but so excited that today i got an email notification saying action was take on our case. When i logged in it said the case was approved on Oct 19th and we should get the notice in the mail soon.
    130 Sent: 02-22
    NOA 1:03-05
    Approval: Oct 19th
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    L&mama reacted to lovemybrit in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    yay I just called the NVC and they gave me my case number and invoice number!!! I called this morning and they said no, it wasnt ready. but something told me to call right now and he gave it to me!! Now what?
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    L&mama got a reaction from lovemybrit in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    They told me that too and that they don't have a case number for me yet.
    I don't know what happen but on Wednesday night October 10th I called and press option 5 like I always do. 
    But, this time around I got a very nice lady. She took information about the case like names and date of birth. 
    She asked how may I help you tonight and I politely respond that I was calling to find out if a case number has assigned to my case yet. She then explained to me that when the cases reach NVC they go through a process and that my case is in final stage  before assigning the case number.  She said that my case is just waiting for a supervisor to look over it and make sure everything is right. I then asked her how long it's going to take and she assured me that it won't be long because it just need a supervisor to look over.  She then said that I should keep an eye out on my email.
    On the night of October 11 I called again and was given my case number.
    After getting the case number, I felt that the person who I spoke with on October 10 was a supervisor.
    Good luck!
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    L&mama reacted to Nill in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    Thank you so much , I did the same and yesss mine is received on Sep 18 ,  we must hear from each other in some weeks, our cases move forward with the same rate
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    L&mama got a reaction from Nill in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    Hi, my case was sent to the Department of State on September 10th as well.  I called on Monday. September 17th and they didn't receive it.  I just got off the phone with NVC and it is currently with NVC.  The lady I spoke with said the received it on September 18th.
    Please call NVC and select option 5.  
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    L&mama got a reaction from HarryWL in I-130 February 2018 filers   
    No, I got an email directly from USCIS early morning on September 10th.
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