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  1. Hello! So I am really happy on day 131 (filed July 19th) I received the email saying they approved my EAD/AP. I received my confirmation of the approval in the mail. The issue is this Saturday I am moving from San Jose to Chicago and I am nervous about changing my address before actually having the card in my hands. I am also reading about people saying that it says card is in production? How long typically does it take to go from approval to card is in production? If anyone knows thank you! I am always so grateful for the support of this community ❤️ Sending everyone good luck!
  2. Wishing you the best of luck! Enjoy Hope you have an incredible visit
  3. Yes very good point about my family just sucks having to constantly do things that they aren't supporting but that part I can get over. 2 weeks is insanely rushed and basically it's going to be a mad dash for sure. I don't even know how to justify that in any sense haha hopefully when he gets home today he is 100% confident in where we are going. Have you heard of issues when you change your address with UsCIS ? I was reading that after you move and address change you won't get your mail so that's a new fear. Thanks for your advice on the alternatives I will look into it. I think he just doesn't want to move somewhere he has never been I don't really see many options. It's not that I don't have a say I just don't know with any certainty where we should be and the time crunch isn't helping. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it !
  4. Yes I definitely do get a say but since I just got here I don't feel confident enough to lead the way if that makes sense. I mean he has lived in Arizona and Illinois and so I am hoping he would know what is best for us. Basically he knows he wants to move there with more certainty than anywhere that I know where to go.....Also I just read last night that changing your address with USCIs can be tricky and your mail gets lost haha so that is not great news
  5. 1. I would recommend GO THE MARRIAGE ROUTE. If you do it this way your spouse can work and get a green card on arrival? I believe this is the case, I haven't fully researched but I know it is the much cheaper and less life altering route. K1 visa is ++ exhaustive and makes for a more difficult transition for your spouse who will be new to the country. Also the wait times are very lengthy which does make sense. Each small step is a milestone but the entire process for a normal life together can take years. If you do the K1 when your spouse gets to the states they won't be able to work for about 6 months. This can be a deal breaker for some situations and put a lot of financial strain on the situation.
  6. Oh boy... not sure if any of you will read this, but anyways I went this weekend to visit Arizona and I brought my husband. I absolutely loved it! After he was there though he all of a sudden starting bringing Chicago back up and says that's where he really wants to be. I felt so upset by this I really thought Arizona was the perfect place for us and a way to get out of California. For some reason Chicago just seems a bit overwhelming to me and I don't know what to do about this. I had to fly to Chicago for our first date and I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed.... it was hectic, cold and busy. I know Chicago is beautiful and there is tons to do. I guess another thing is his whole family and friend group is there I am a little bit worried of feeling more isolated or alone there? I don't even think that makes any sense, but anyways that is how I feel. The worst part is our lease is up in two weeks... so we have two weeks to go move across the country to Chicago. 😐 I'm not sure what to do now. If not only adjusting to my surroundings felt difficult enough now picking up and moving to Chicago feels very challenging and a whole added layer of stress to the situation. Not to mention my family does not support a move to Chicago. Oh well I guess I only have two weeks so I better get packing.
  7. Thank you for your well thought out response I reallly appreciate it! Especially talking to an arizona native haha you are definitely the expert here! I don't know what it is about Cali but I just can't be sucked into it. It feels just exhausting the life people are living just to stay above water. I can't imagine having kids here and adding that cost into it. I want to have a family in the near future and California just makes it seems like the small normal dreams I want are unachievable and I just don't like that! Yes brutally hot so make sure to have A/C and stay out of peak heat times... for sure especially I'm from Canada haha so either deal with snow or extreme heat I am just pretty lost and since I'm new to the US it feels like there are a million options, I just want somewhere that we can live out our dreams a little easier...... Do you think it is a good place to start a family? or start out a life as a new married couple? I feel the pros outweigh the cons in arizona whereas cali the cons seem to outweigh the pros, people suffer for the perfect weather every day I guess haha I will admit the weather is perfect here can't complain about that but my dreams are more important than the weather! Thanks for your advice!
  8. That is very tempting........ seems like the life in California is just a hamster wheel no one can get ahead even with TWO jobs and I can't have a job obviously so it is just frustrating watching everyone doggy paddle to just make ends meet. Just an adjustment but I don't think I want to stick around for it.
  9. Areeeeee you saying I would make it not a nice place to live? hahaha I don't even know how I could possibly change it lol I just want to be an amazing nurse somewhere I can afford a life, Cali is proving to not be feasible for this dream 😜
  10. thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it have a nice day!
  11. haha okay fair enough I just thought maybe someone would have some insight if they are from California and had moved to Arizona but yes 100% you are correct internet strangers might not be able to help in this case 😂 the internet strangers are just so nice and helpful though
  12. Hello, Not sure if anyone has any advice on this, but I thought I would throw it out there anyways because everyone is always SO extremely helpful on this site and they have gotten me through some difficult times. My question is I am having a difficult time with California I find it very expensive, very crowded, very unforgiving. Basically we are living in the Bay Area and houses are over $1 million its just unaffordable, a decent rental is about $2900/month. With me not working and my husband is a chiropractor we don't necessarily need to be in this area but we feel stuck. Our lease is ending end of August and I am considering that we just pick it all up and move to Arizona which would be much more affordable in terms of property. Can get a nice house for $300 k rent is about $1000/month? Also in California the nursing board is making it very difficult for me to become a nurse here, they want me to take a microbiology course and a psychology course with my Canadian degree and just a million hidden fees and costs of living in California. Is leaving a good idea or is it a rash decision? I have lived here for 4 months and my husband for 5 years he is from Chicago and went to chiro school here. Anyways any advice or experience is greatly appreciated. We are slightly lost at the moment so come on down with any ideas! hahah Thanks! <3

    I miss Canada oh so much :(

    Hello, I really can't thank you enough for sending such a beautiful and well thought out post. It truly means more to me than you will ever know! I can 100% appreciate what you are saying about your transition. I think you are extremely brave to leave somewhere beautiful and choose a new life I just feel like maybe my coping strategies are not as strong as yours haha I can appreciate the advice I just need to get it into action. I guess i do not deal as well with transition as I had originally thought. Now looking back I definitely think it would've been smarter for us to move to Canada but I guess gold is tested by fire. So I can only hope I will become a stronger individual and us a stronger couple. Some days are obviously just tougher to get through as you know. This post helped me to not feel so alone. How does your family deal with the transition? Are they 100% supportive? Did they give you any guilt or make you feel bad about your choices? I really love that you are from a tight knit family so you are able to understand how I feel better than most. Also are you a writer? Because your writing is just so beautiful and well thought out!!!!!!!! It is a shame you can't work because you are clearly talented haha but yes you are correct all is within months reach. I think I will write those three phrases down and practice them like a mantra. 1. Don't be too hard on yourself 2. Your family loves you 3. It will get better That pretty much sums it all up and helps to ease some of the pain I am feeling. Wishing you literally all the happiness in the world. Thank you for your kindness and positivity, it is going to go so far. So happy there are people like you in this world.

    I miss Canada oh so much :(

    Thank you for taking the time and the suggestions. I have been volunteering, learning how to cook, hiking, cleaning, making friends doing everything I promise you I have been making the biggest effort. I think I have realized through going through these responses it is less homesickness and maybe more just guilt from leaving my family behind and feeling like I chose life here in the US over my life with them and I feel very guilty. Not sure if you felt this way. I do appreciate all the suggestions and you taking the time. Thank you.