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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Marc_us82 in Age difference of fiance to fiancee?   
    it just seems that some men on here, not just in this forum, seem to love their wife more for where she is from then who she is personally..
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Marc_us82 in Age difference of fiance to fiancee?   
    I dislike when women are clumped together, like Filipino women are all like this, American women are all like that etc...
    I am very loyal to my husband and it has nothing to do with my nationality..
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    Marilyn. reacted to Fayeara in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Hmhm, I heard, and I don't know how accurate that is, but that usually a baby will only have enough 'energy' to really learn to do one thing at a time. Talk, walk or teeth. So maybe since her teeth are coming in, learning to talk is taking the back seat?
    I'd still check with the pediatrician to make sure there's nothing more to it though. But I'm sure she doesn't hate you. She just doesn't realize what she's doing.
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    my munchkin had her 12 month appointment on Monday. She weighs 24 lbs and is 31" tall. She has come a long way from being 5.8lbs and 18" long when she was born..
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    Marilyn. reacted to Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Happy Canada Day to all, Lucas is 4 months today!
    Here's a pic of my youngest Canadians

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    Marilyn. reacted to Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Beautiful girl Marilyn
    Lilac I hope the nibbling will only be that chomping is not fun.
    Lucas is 3 months old, time is flying by

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    Marilyn. reacted to Penny Lives in Presidential schedule.   
    I don't want to talk about anyone in particular. I'm just curious as to what sets this presidency apart from any of the others for you in regards to how the president spends his time.
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    Marilyn. reacted to Karee in Roll Call of Fallen Commrades   
    This is like AJ's 10th account. He'll be back. The fun part is figuring out what his new name is.
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    Marilyn. reacted to Not a Tailor in A High School In Utah Photoshopped Girls’ Yearbook Pictures To Show Less Skin   
    I wasn't screaming at you. I don't know where you got that idea. Perhaps I should have made a separate post addressing the OP, but I did leave a gap and the second part of my post is was meant to address the article in the OP, not you.
    That being said, it's not at the 'top of her booby' unless you count a woman's entire chest up to her collarbone as being booby. I have a tattoo in that exact spot and there is absolutely no breast tissue there. There's no cleavage there. It's skin, muscle and bone. If they counted that tattoo as being at the top of her booby, they would have raised the neckline further, to cover her booby. They did not. They simply erased the tattoo and allowed that skin to continue showing. My tattoo does not make me trashy or bad or anything else and has never stood in the way of me getting employment and I have never had a non-positive comment about it.
    And why, I ask, is it that as a girl (see what I bolded in your comment), specifically, she needs to be taught how to dress a certain way?
    Again, I have seen women walking, in summer, into offices (including law offices and the courthouse) with more skin showing than that. I see women come in for their lunch at work from the courthouse right by my work, highly respected lawyers, who show just as much skin as this girl.
    This (the OP's article) is a clear example of policing how a woman should look. If it wasn't, then the girls would have been spoken to by a teacher who would negotiate with them before having their yearbook photos taken. They wouldn't have had their bodies photoshopped without their permission or knowledge.
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    Marilyn. reacted to mota bhai in Legendary author Maya Angelou dies   
    Give a Marc the floor and he'll poop a YouTube all over it.
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from decocker in Roll Call of Fallen Commrades   
    he's Mexican..lol
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Emily was 8 months on Friday. Time is going by too fast. MY SIL and brother bought me a plane ticket to fly to Canada. Emily and I were there over Easter for about 18 days. It was nice but too long of a time to be away from my husband.. He missed us like crazy too.
    My sister took a lot of cute pics of her...

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    Marilyn. reacted to Harpa Timsah in Roll Call of Fallen Commrades   
    CABA is a term born and bred on VJ.
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    Marilyn. reacted to elmcitymaven in Roll Call of Fallen Commrades   
    We're celebrating our 3rd anniversary in 2 weeks. Very happy these days.
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    My munchkin turned 6 months on Sunday. We had cake (she didn't have cake..lol) and we gave her a couple presents we had been saving. She was a pro when it came to ripping the paper off the presents..lol Not sure where she learned to do that... She had her 6 month appointment on Monday. She was 18 pounds and 10 oz and 27 inches long. Her percentile for weight went down slightly but her percentile for height jumped from the 60's to the 80's.. .

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    Marilyn. reacted to Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    6 months already wow time flies!
    Funny how fast they figure out the ripping presents part. She is so stinking cute it's crazy!
    This is one of my many favourites of Lucas

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    Marilyn. reacted to Peikko in Houston dad shoots, kills 17 year old boy found inside daughter’s bedroom   
    This really is an 'only in America' moment. I can't think of anywhere else where this killing could or would be justified. It's horrific that anyone could think that the appropriate response to any kind of altercation with a teenager is to blast them with a gun. It's just outrageous and yes, the father was a coward and a murderer. Completely and utterly unnecessary and brutal.
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    Marilyn. reacted to VeeNDee in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    Some pics of Lily at about 4 months - she is already 5 months! Time is flying by... even though there still isn't a lot of sleep. We're trying to transition to crib this week. Zzzzzz.

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    Marilyn. reacted to lilacvioletiris in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    My boys had their 2 month appointment last Friday. Edward weighed 11 pounds 11 oz, from a birth weight of 6 pounds 2 oz. and William weighed 11 pounds 8 oz, from a birth weight of 7 pounds 10 oz. They were both 24 inches tall. They got their shots and they have had fevers off and on since then. They are beginning to start bat at something on their activity mat. William likes it the best. My sister came and took pictures for Easter yesterday.

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    Marilyn. reacted to spookyturtle in George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At A Florida Gun Show   
    What's even more pathetic is that there were people who wanted his autograph.
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    Marilyn. reacted to Ontarkie in Got Baby? Avez vous un bebe?   
    She sure is Marilyn!
    Here is my little guy

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    Marilyn. reacted to elmcitymaven in VisaJourney is a family-friendly site: Please post accordingly   
    It would be nice to have some transparency about why the crackdown is occurring. The mods are doing their jobs, but why the sudden banning of anything with the slightest tinge of sex? I'm still boggled by the idea that a woman in sweatpants is suggestive, or a cartoon character removing her skirt, when there are many, many photos in the gallery of actual VJ members in swimwear (and less) that are somehow just dandy. If you're going to be consistent, be open and follow through to the most absurd ends.
    I mean, babies are proof sex happened. Ban baby talk. Women talk about their periods on here, from their cycles to how they can't go to a medical because they're menstruating. Men crack jokes about the size of their members. Remove it all. No low cut tops in pictures. Men must wear shirts in pictures posted.
    I'm willing to comply but we need openness. I've been good about complying with the TOS because the TOS -- at least to me -- was pretty clear. The new policy is creating too many opportunities for people to fall afoul of the TOS without even knowing they're doing so. I'm sure the mods and members alike would appreciate clarification.
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    Marilyn. got a reaction from Calypso in Congratulations to Calypso!!   
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    Marilyn. reacted to Penny Lane in So actual news stories can't be published if they're about sex?   
    How many children are browsing VJ?
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