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  1. Here to report the same, we received the permanent resident card on Nov 20th 2018. A little over 6 weeks after POE and still no sign of the Social Security Card, I checked the site that was posted in this thread for the status and there is no sign of the case for an SSN having been opened for my wife. In any case I am prepared for a trip to the local SS Office.. Fortunately not in a shady area of town but once again as someone said, it's sort of a pain that you need to stay on top of this especially when there's a checkbox and statement in the Visa application to generate this automatically. I'm very thankful for this site, it's an understatement to say if not for the community on here we would be left even more so in the dark than we already are with this process.
  2. Hi, Just an update. So my wife had gone to do the Biometrics. As the Code 2 designation on the notice indicated, it was just a photo, signature and single fingerprint. She had gone on November 8th. The permanent resident card actually came in on November 20th so she is all set. Mercifully there was no run-around or no issues, very straight forward and the permanent resident card came in the mail a few weeks later. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Will keep you posted, our appointment is this Thursday. My only idea is that the fingerprints maybe smudged or blurred when they captured it at the POE as to why they would request it again. I don't believe there is any fee for this, as far as I can see it is just really requesting you to bring the letter and the Visa/Passport as identification. I'm more concerned that this will further hold up receiving the Green Card.
  4. I forgot to throw this possibility out there in the OP. I am sort of hoping it's just that, maybe the fingerprints weren't scanned in right at the POE.. I tried calling the USCIS while at work, apparently at this stage as the petitioner I no longer have the right to inquire about the case without my Wife's permission and I'd have to put her on the line to grant permission. She only speaks 5% English so good luck with that.. I will wait for this appointment and ask for more info there if anything with my Wife.
  5. Hi All, In going through the CR1 process with my wife, I had mostly handled the paperwork and reading through the step by step process. My wife was approved during the Visa interview, and had successfully entered the country with me a few weeks ago. I had paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee a day or two after the visa was at hand nearly two weeks before the POE was made. With that said I am a bit confused on the Green Card process now. At the port of entry, fingerprints and a photo of my wife were already taken. Today we received an I-797c Code 2 Notice of Action (Code 2 meaning Picture, Index fingerprint, and signature taken) that we need to show up at a scheduled time at an Application Support Center for biometrics to be done. I was under the impression that after paying the USCIS Immigrant fee the Green Card would just be sent to us in the mail, no need for further input on our end until within 90 days of GC expiration when the I-751 would need to be filed. After reading a few articles, it seems like an I-797c NOA for Biometrics is usually a step requested leading up to a Green Card interview, which in our case should technically be at the point after the I-751 is filed if I'm understanding this correctly. Has something gotten mixed up here and I will be having a Green Card Interview soon or is this notice just a step that needs to be done before they send the 2 year Green Card in the mail? Any information or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ☺️
  6. That's a negative. Once again, if your case was processed electronically by the NVC/Foreign Consulate they will not send you a sealed packet to provide at the POE nor will you be asked to provide it. Only your passport with the visa page added and your original/civil documents that you had provided during the case will be mailed back to you in an envelope that is meant to be opened. We just entered this past Saturday with no sealed packet, our case was processed electronically. No problems at all.
  7. If your case is processed electronically at the NVC stage then a sealed packet isn't carried to the POE. We only showed the Visa/Passport, my wife then had her fingerprints and a picture taken. The passport was then stamped and she was allowed to enter. The doctors did give us some supplementary items in addition to the sealed medical packet that we provided during the visa interview but it was not requested at all at the POE. If your case is processed via mail by the NVC, after the Visa interview you are supposedly provided some kind of sealed packet needed at the POE.
  8. Our case complete was on a Monday, by the Friday we were contacted that an appointment had been scheduled a Month and a half away. It depends on the embassy, some can take months before being scheduled.
  9. Hi All, Just wanted to ask especially for those that have been through the Visa interview already. Are there any specific fees or items not outlined in the general guides/processes that it would be useful to carry extra funds for just in case? Going in now, I know we need to carry enough to cover the medical exam w/ the cost of additional vaccinations. As well as pay the Green Card fee contingent on being approved. Are there any other fees that are usually paid while at the embassy for the interview or anywhere in between? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! ☺️
  10. Only two places do the medical exam in Belgrade. We made an appointment for the day before (Albeit over a month in advance) and were assured that the results would be ready for the exam next day. This probably all depends on which country you are in and what sites the consulate accepts the results from, it would be best to call the medical sites in your specific case to find the details.
  11. On Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, etc all you need is wifi to send and receive messages as long as there was some kind of number initially set up with it. This situation sounds highly suspect, I could understand a few days or maybe a week but months of no communication is a bit difficult to rationalize or excuse. I would plan to reschedule the interview for now and find a concrete way to get into contact with her or her family. If there is still no further response, your hands are tied at that stage, she hasn't sent you what she submitted to CEAC therefore you won't have the documents to most likely needed to be approved in the interview. I would seek a lawyer's advice as well for their opinion.
  12. Moj supruga ce otic jedan dan unapred na doktorski pregled, rekli su njoj da moze to da se zavrsava za jedan dan. Ja sam se zacudio oko toga jer mislim traje neki dana krv i sve to da povjeru, jos ako nemaju neki potrebni nekciju. Oni znaju najbolji, vidjicemo.. Citao sam nekoliko prica kad si odobren na intervju u BG, ako ces da podignes pasos i kovjertu oni to zavrsavaju za 3-4 dana. ako ces da ti posalju preko posta onda moze trajat 10-14 dana da ti stigne sve. Ja sam postavlao jedan pitanje prije u veze korko traje od "Case Complete' da dobijes datum od ambasadu za intervju, nama je samo trajalo 5 dana. Znaci dosta brzo u BG. Cuo sam u nekoliko drzava cekaju narod 3-6 mjeseca od Case Complete do intervju.. 😦
  13. Preparing myself for the site to go down again, I made sure this morning to print to PDF the AOS/IV Receipts, the Cover Page (which I think isn't needed in Pivot cases) and the DS 260 confirmation page. The DS 260 you have to click on the IV Application link right below where the flow chart is, then click on the sign tab to the top right. You then have options there of printing or emailing yourself the confirmation page.
  14. Same here, it just connected and took forever... I immediately uploaded and submitted what I needed to before something happens again.
  15. Site looks like it's up? Mine is spinning at the log in screen trying to connect and going nowhere.. 🤣
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