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  1. October 26th! And that's great to hear. This is exactly how I was hoping we could handle it.
  2. Yeah, it sounds like this is what we will be doing. My sister actually went through a name change with the court several weeks ago so she filled me in on the process here as well. She went in first thing in the morning, got a court time for later that day, and walked out in a few hours with everything she needed to take to SS, DOL, etc.! Out of curiosity, it sounds like you changed your name before your fiance had his K-1 interview at the embassy. Did you send him copies of the court documents for your name change, or did it just not come up until you applied for the AOS? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Yeah I think this might be our best option, after the K-1 is issued but before the wedding. Thank you! Helps to get other people to back up your ideas haha.
  4. Thanks! I'd already found both of these resources, I'm not too confused about the actual process of me doing it. More just worried about how it interacts with our K-1 visa and the AOS.
  5. You just wrote a new last name for both of you on the license? I was under the impression that wasn't an option.
  6. My only concern then is that me changing my last name now could have some affect on the visa process. Can I simply send my fiance' a copy of the court order after the name change for him to take with him, or would it be best to wait until after the K-1 is finalized?
  7. Hopefully this is in the correct forum, I apologize if not. My fiance' and I are currently going through the K-1 Visa process. My fiance' is going to have his medical exam and interview with the embassy soon, but we are trying to get a head start on preparing for the next steps! We had talked about it and liked the idea of choosing a new last name together, not using either of our current last names. I've researched the process of changing a last name for the beneficiary via the marriage license, but I also believe that only applies if he wants to change his last name to whatever mine is at the time of completing the marriage license. Would the best way to go about it be for me to legally change my name prior to us getting married? Or are there some other options we're not thinking of? We would truly appreciate the help!
  8. northwest-boys

    K1 VISA Issued! :)

    Yeah, I guess we're both trading one rainy place for another! We got our NOA2 a couple of weeks ago and have our NVC case number so I managed to book the medical for 19th Sept. Though I'm having trouble figuring out getting my medical records and vaccinations so I'm starting to wonder if I'm gonna end up having to reschedule the medical at some point.
  9. Hi Everyone, We're currently between NOA 2 and NVC stage in the K1 visa process and I was wondering, at what point is it best for the beneficiary to hand in their notice at work and leave their job before eventual Point of Entry. I have to give at least 1 month notice at my current job. I'm stuck on what to do because obviously I want to have as much quality time with friends and family before I leave, but at the same time I don't want to jump the gun and leave too early. I'm also having trouble finding any information on how this affects the process, does it matter if I've left my job already by the time I have my Embassy interview, no I still need to be in work until after the interview? I really don't like the idea of having to wait yet another month after the interview just because of my notice period. I'd love to hear other people's experiences of when they finished working before POE. Many thanks!
  10. northwest-boys

    K1 VISA Issued! :)

    Congratulations!!! And thank you for sharing your experience with the medical, it's been real helpful to learn from people's stories such as yourself.
  11. We got approved!!! NOA1 new website - January 29th NOA2 - August 9th I checked my email this morning first and I had one from USCIS that said 'we have taken action on your account, please log in to check' which sounded strange, and worried me a bit. But when I logged in to the new website, it said we were approved!!! We are so happy we can barely focus at work haha. And yes, we already updated our timeline. 😉
  12. It's more than we listed the dates for the last address as from Sept 2016 - Present instead of Sept 2016 - Sept 2017, so it reads as if that's the current address when it shouldn't be. Not sure how to go about amending that without getting an RFE 😓 is it inevitable?
  13. I just took a quick look at our application and noticed we've entered some of the beneficiary addresses incorrectly. Listed last address as current address (mistook mailing address section as current address), and entered one of the dates on a previous address incorrectly as well (reads as having a 2 year gap between 2 addresses). Any advice on what we should do. I'm expecting this will result in an RFE, but is there anything we can do, should we try and amend it before they look at our case? Our NOA1 new website is Jan 29th so no idea if they've already started on our case or if it's still too early.
  14. Nice to see so many January filers getting their NOA1's! My fiance and I are in the process of booking a trip for me to visit him in the UK in April and we're really hoping that might have to be the last trip before we move him over here, but we're prepared to plan another just in case things don't move quickly. Fingers crossed though!!
  15. Sadly, not yet. No text or anything so far...