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  1. I had my oath ceremony today. The letter also said 9.30 am but it started about an hour or so later. They did not say how many people were there from how many countries, which I would have loved to know. It felt like there were maybe around 60 people to be sworn in, and the room was full with mabye 100 people. Anyways, the judge seemed like a nice person and told us that now "nobody can kick you out anymore" 😜 They talked a lot about the importance of voting, and you could register to vote right there too. No video message and no anthem was played, it was a nice ceremony on this hot day. We went for American Coney Dogs to celebrate right after. I am happy to be done! Good luck to all of you who are still waiting!
  2. I had my oath ceremony today. It was rather swift, but I liked that. They took a lot of time to talk about the importance of voting, and we all could register to vote right there. I am so happy I am done with this. Thanks to everybody on here and I hope your journeys will find a good end soon as well!
  3. I finally got my rescheduled Oath Date. I will become a citizen on July 15th I am so glad that the horror stories weren't true for me.
  4. I finally got my second Oath date, it is going to happen on July 15th. I am so happy I did not have to wait too long I also have to be there at 9.30. Does everybody have to stay in the court until 11 then or can we get out for a snack etc?
  5. Congratulations to all! With so many ceremony dates I hope my rescheduled one will happen soon too!
  6. Does anybody know how recent the egov status is? I am waiting for my new oath ceremony date (had to ask to reschedule). The cancellation of the old one showed up in my USCIS account on June 7. Ever since I passed the interview, I had not looked into the egov status so now I wonder if they put me in line for new scheduling or if that is just the old status from the first oath appointment. I know I just have to be patient, but I have read too many horror stories here about rescheduling, and I just want to have the new date 😐
  7. Yes, that is what I was referring to. Oath ceremonies are not just held in Detroit, but also in other locations, depending on where you live.
  8. No. I had my biometrics and the interview in Detroit, and my oath will be there as well (in a courthouse downtown). If you had your biometrics in Grand Rapids, your oath might be there too, or in one of the other locations on the west side of Michigan (I think it was Grand Haven maybe?). If you go back in this thread / discussion here, you will see people talking about that topic. See the little numbers on the bottom of the page? "Page 41 of 41"? If you go back to previous pages you can read what other people have talked about. A bit ago there was a person who waited long for their oath because they were living up north. They did some research and found out that oaths in the west and north of Michigan can take longer to be scheduled because they have less ceremonies there.
  9. I assumed you were in Michigan since this is a Detroit thread But there are different areas in Michigan, and as I said, depending on where you live, your oath might be later or earlier. If you live in the west or north of Michigan you might get a later oath because they don't hold as many ceremonies. A woman in this thread here told her story of how she waited for her oath, just go a couple of pages back. I hope you hear something soon. And me too, with my rescheduled oath.
  10. Where are you located? Someone in this discussion here said that if you are on the west side or in the north of the state, your ceremony will not be in Detroit and it might take longer to be scheduled because there are less oath ceremonies in those areas.
  11. Does anyone know how recent the egov status check is? Mine now says that I am in line for the oath, but since I haven't checked there since I passed my interview, I am not sure if this is still the status from the old oath appointment or already the new one. They sent me the "your oath was cancelled" note as reply to my request for rescheduling on June 7th.
  12. Nice, I am just going to visit Germany And you can get a US passport quickly, but it costs more.
  13. I was hoping it would not fall into a specific time range either, but of course it did. I will actually be out of the country, so I had to reschedule. And it made me sad. I am excited for this and hope the horror stories that I have been reading about rescheduling aren't true (people have said you will get pushed down the line and it can take forever to get a new date).
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