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    Ninja Joe got a reaction from Jali in Is this DS-3025 Enough?   
    Hi guys, looking for some advice. My wife and I got married via a K-1 Visa and are now doing the Adjustment of Status. As I understand, "K-1 Visa holders are not required to have another medical examination as long as your Form I-485 is filed within one year of your overseas medical examination."
    Please see attached, form DS-3025: Vaccination Document Worksheet, from my wife's medical exam in her country.
    Several shots were NOT given to her because she is very allergic and the shots contained egg, which she's extremely allergic to. It could send her to the emergency room or kill her.
    However, the doctor checked the box for "K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements." That confuses me.
    My question is: If I send a copy of her DS-3025, will her Adjustment of Status be approved even though she didn't get all the shots because of her extreme allergies? After all, it does say "K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements." Or will they say that she needs to get the shots? In which case, we would need to find a civil surgeon for form I-693.

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    Ninja Joe reacted to Moon&Stars in Can't Take Shots at Medical Checkup   
    I'm glad to hear they didn't force her to have the shots. Technically, a K-1 visa doesn't require vaccinations to enter the USA. However, they are required in the AOS process. So it won't affect her being granted the K-1 visa, but it could impact things after she is in the USA. I don't know if there are alternatives here for her to take the shots without an egg based vaccine or what the options are in the AOS process, I haven't made it that far myself.  But at least I can tell you that she doesn't need them to arrive here.
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    Ninja Joe reacted to juggy_11 in Is an Original Marriage Certificate Required?   
    Photocopy of the marriage certificate is sufficient. Nothing in the instructions say you need to submit a certified copy.
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    Ninja Joe reacted to TNJ17 in Interview: RFE medical exam expired (but it was submitted within the year)   
    Honestly you’d be wasting your time. Too much time has passed. You have long gaps between Visa and us entry and filing which is why the medical is no longer good. They already asked for a new medical and that’s the only th8ng pending. Don’t waste your time and get a new medical and submit.
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    Ninja Joe reacted to KayDeeCee in Birth certificate translation   
    Anyone fluent in both languages can do the translation. Just have the person use this certification on the translated document > http://www.visajourney.com/content/translations
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    Ninja Joe reacted to cablewyres in Upcoming I-751 Found Out Spouse Is Pregnant By Another Man!   
    Hi Everyone,
    I am very distraught as I am typing this post. We are about to file for joint petition to remove conditions on October 2018 in about 1.5 months away. I just found out today that my wife is possibly pregnant by another man. I am so frustrated and feel so lost in all this. I have noticed that she has been working late the past couple of months. She started to be cold and distant. When I ask her if she's okay, when I know...I KNOW that we've not been too okay, she says yes or just shrugs me off. We've been fighting and what not. I try not to make a big deal out of things but I have been suspecting that something is off. We loved each other but now, I just don't know anymore. Now this. She finally told me today that she has been seeing this other guy whom she met at an office party. They've been seeing each other the past couple of months and now she suspects that she is pregnant with his child. I can't stand this. I know for a fact that I am not the father, since at least on my part, I have been taking preventive measures because I wanted for us to have our children when I am fully able to support them but not as of now. I am planning on pursuing further education to be able to build a good life for when we do have kids but MY KIDS. I don't know what to do.
    I don't have time to even drag my feet to take all of this in, because we have an I-751 soon that needs to be filed. I'm not sure if delaying divorce proceedings would cause me to end up paying child support for a child that isn't mine. I have no hatred against the child if she is indeed pregnant, but I also can't jeopardize the future life of me with my own kids. And I don't think I can longer stand to be hurt repeatedly with all the lies and betrayal.
    How should I proceed with our I-751?
    Will I end up paying child support for a child who isn't mine even if I do a DNA test and if divorce is finalized before she gives birth? (given that we do decide to get divorced. this is too much for me.)
    Can anyone shed some light in this matter? I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Ninja Joe reacted to geowrian in Divorce Date   
    It won't impact the I-129F at all. It's possible they would ask about it, but if you were separated already then I doubt it would be an issue. Just bring plenty relationship evidence, as anybody should do anyway.
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    Ninja Joe reacted to payxibka in Divorce Date   
    You are fine to submit the petition as long as you both are free to marry at the time of the filing
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