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  1. It could be! I just had a look at Seattle timings, it is now 19-20.5 months, it used to be 11-25 months. Damn EAD hurry up.
  2. Thank you! My RFE letter finally got delivered today. So relieved! It looks like the courier tried to forward it twice although we never asked for any letters to be forwarded and surprise surprise... RFE is for my (French) birth certificate although I already submitted the long-full version and with translation with my initial application.
  3. Hello, help needed please! I-485 status got updated 14 days ago to "Request for initial evidence was sent". On Thursday (last week), USCIS letter showed up on Informed Delivery, which I assume is the RFE letter. Despite being a week ago, we still haven't received it. I highly suspect it may have been lost, because we have been having problems in the last 3 weeks of mail not being delivered despite the mail showing up on informed delivery. We have contacted USPS and waiting for their reply. In the instance they can't find the letter, what is the procedure to get USCIS to resend it? I found this form on USCIS https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayNDNForm.do - could this be it? Anyone that has gone through this situation?
  4. It's great to hear progress for us June filers! I received a RFE yesterday which I'm gutted about, but trying to think about the positives that at least they're working on my application
  5. I did my biometrics today in Seattle. It was super quick. I was in and out in probably 15 mins. Now the long wait...!
  6. Thank you! I was looking at this site https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices/washington-seattle-field-office
  7. I have my biometrics appointment at 12pm in Seattle, but when I check the office opening hours, it closes at 12pm. Should I be concerned?
  8. My package was received on 17th June (signed by J.Harper), and we got the texts + emails yesterday!
  9. Ha, very straight forward indeed! How to make things complicated (in my head) when they are actually simple!
  10. Hello, I'm completing the latest form I-131 and this part of the form confuses me: At the bottom of Page 2, first half of Part 3, it says: "If you are applying for a NON-DACA related Advanced Parole document, skip to Part 7; DACA recipients must complete Part 4 before skipping to Part 7." As I am applying for a "standard" Advance Parole (I came to the US on a K1), I would skip to Part 7 and altogether not reply to the second half of Part 3?! Also, I wouldn't need to fill in Part 4 which is "Information About Your Proposed Travel". Is that correct?! I recall K1s replying to this part, unless it was based on the previous edition of the form. Any help would be great
  11. On the official instructions (page 6), it says: Item Numbers 11.a. - 11.c. Citizenship or Residency. You must provide proof that you are a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident for joint and substitute sponsors and for relatives of employment-based immigrants who file Form I-864. Petitioning relatives who have already filed proof of their citizenship or immigration status with Form I-129F, Form I-130, Form I-600, or Form I-600A do not need to submit proof of their status with this affidavit.
  12. Hello, Advice needed on form I-485! I arrived in the US as a K1 and went through US customs at Dublin airport and then took a flight to Seattle, WA. When the form asks for "Place of Last Arrival into the United States", do I need to put the Dublin or Seattle location? My passport says admitted in DBL (Dublin). Thanks!
  13. Yep, you need to pay before you can choose interview date. You are on the correct site, for K1 it is the immigrant (green) site More info on https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/applying-for-the-visa/ Refer to stage 4 - Scheduling your Interview.
  14. I booked my interview yesterday for end of January, and there was a lot of availability for February. You should be able to select the day you want from the calendar! By the way, for delivery to a specific address (e.g. home), I paid £19.
  15. Hello, Is anyone having the same issue? '404 not found' message every time I go to https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-gb/iv/ to pay fees and book interview. Tried on three different devices but no luck... yet! It was working fine 10 mins ago.
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