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    My fiance and I have been together for four years, wet me online through shared interests in gaming and Game of Thrones. I went to visit him in the States last year, and he came and visited me the year before that in New Zealand. We've been through some hardships, and he's been my anchor through it all.

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  1. As of May 4th 2021, I've been approved for permanent residence in the US after 2 years of being in limbo.


    I got verbally approved on the day of my interview (March 8th), since then it had been silent and my EAD expired so, no work, more stress. Only took calling 15 times over the past couple of days and JUST yesterday managing to get through their stupid automated robot lady to speak with a real breathing person and figure out what is happening.


    Now I'm just waiting on my green card. I'm a permanent resident now, and now I guess I just coast along till it's time for me to do the citizen stuff 😂 🥰

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