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    My fiance and I have been together for four years, wet me online through shared interests in gaming and Game of Thrones. I went to visit him in the States last year, and he came and visited me the year before that in New Zealand. We've been through some hardships, and he's been my anchor through it all.

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  1. As of May 4th 2021, I've been approved for permanent residence in the US after 2 years of being in limbo.


    I got verbally approved on the day of my interview (March 8th), since then it had been silent and my EAD expired so, no work, more stress. Only took calling 15 times over the past couple of days and JUST yesterday managing to get through their stupid automated robot lady to speak with a real breathing person and figure out what is happening.


    Now I'm just waiting on my green card. I'm a permanent resident now, and now I guess I just coast along till it's time for me to do the citizen stuff 😂 🥰

  2. So I called USCIS - which holy (removed), was a mission. Took me 15 times spread out over 2 days. The trick to speaking with a person? Say "technical difficulties" twice when asked what you're calling about by the automated robot. They JUST approved my case yesterday apparently. Cases aren't being updated straight away due to an issue with the technicians. While I'm happy to have some news, I'm frustrated with the process of what it takes to find this info out.
  3. Wait, really? I thought those were only free of charge while filing for AOS. Am I mistaken about the renewal process?
  4. That's actually kind of comforting to hear, it really sucks but I'm glad I'm not alone in this, it's really frustrating
  5. I just looked it up to double check, doesn't look like that's possible which isn't surprising. Still, a girl can hope 😥😪
  6. Sadly no, it just says "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS" still. I've thought about maybe trying to call the place we had our interview but I feel like they'd just say "we can't give that information without an appointment" or something
  7. I'm feeling frustrated. We had our AOS interview for me on the 8th of March - at the end of the interview, the person interviewing us said that he was approving us and that we would be getting the green card within 2 weeks. But since then, nothing. How long does it typically take? My work permit ran out on the 23rd of March and I feel like I'm back to being in limbo again after waiting almost 2 years to crawl out of it since filing in 2019.
  8. I'm a little worried about that front - we're on a lease together right now but we haven't gotten around to putting my name on his bank account yet and turning it into a joint one. Both my paychecks and his just go into his bank account so I'm not sure if that's gonna be bad for us.
  9. So my husband and I filed for AOS WAY back in July 2019 and thanks to COVID spiking up the wait times we've been in limbo since then. We got our interview date finally for March 8th. I'm terrified and happy at the same time. I'm afraid they'll reject us - and in a way me - even though we have proof in multiple forms that we're legit. My husband is tracking down his birth certificate (we lost the original in a move), and I have photos from vacations, dates and family gatherings, our lease agreement, logs of our chats together dating WAY back to when we were just dating, my flight tickets from when I visited the country back in 2018 when we got engaged... I'm trying to follow the planning to the letter to make sure our I's and T's are covered. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month too, so I'm hoping all goes well and we can celebrate with no worries. I'm also nervous about what the place we're going to for the interview will be like - it's in Fort Myers FL, and from what I've tried to find online it's a very small facility?
  10. So we're finally getting an appointment to have our AOS interview! March 8th at 10 am. I'm so scares if it - it's really terrifying having this interview be like, the decider of whether or not my marriage is legit in the government's eyes but it's what we signed on for. 

    I'm happy its finally happening though! COVID really threw us through the ringer with waiting times 

  11. I thought it was within 150 days? I just calculated when I filed for my renewal and it was about 139 days prior to when my current employment authorization runs out. Actually, some good news came out of this - the same day I made this post I got an update on my AOS case and they're sending out an interview letter!
  12. I'm checking it out now! Now I'm looking at the case inquiry options now - a lot of them seem to ask for a receipt number, but I don't have one since we haven't gotten a receipt notice or any notice it's been received, what should I do there? it seems I can't submit an inquiry without a receipt number
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