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  1. Thank you! It's probably a dumb question but I've only seen stuff online for international travel and not domestic, so I wasn't sure if there were any restrictions.
  2. I've filed for my i-485 and I'm waiting for the interview, I've posted previously that my husband and I plan to move states and are aware of the steps we need to take for that. We were planning to leave November 16th, but have decided to wait until after the holidays. Him and his sibling want to go back to their home state for a 3 day visit however - can I travel for a trip like this with a pending AOS? Obviously my interview wont just pop up while I'm gone, but are there any rules in place that say this isnt a good idea?
  3. Hmmm, I wonder if it's worth waiting till after the move to submit the work permit application... On one hand the wait times are long right now so sooner the better, but on the other hands that's two AR-11 forms to submit. By the way thank you for the helpful info! I get a bit frazzled out easily from reading forms and trying to make sure we do everything correctly.
  4. Okay, I haven't heard of a COA but I'll bring it up with my husband and talk to him about it, that sounds like a good idea. I was planning on filing an AR-11 form online, would calling even after the form has been filed and received be a good idea? I want to make sure we take all the precautions, you know? I'm going to be filing for my work permit either Friday or Monday, too. By the time November rolls around, will the AR-11 form cover that too?
  5. That is something I'm concerned about. I know for our mental health's sake moving back is 100% a good idea for us, but I do have that fear that something will turn up here and the in-law's wont let us know (no idea how they'll take it if we do go, but it won't be a positive reaction). Is there a way to take precautions for this possibility? Like, maybe alerting USPS to re-route mail addressed to you to the new address?
  6. For some background; My case began officially being looked at on the 27th of August. I'm currently living in Indiana in my in-law's RV with my husband. For private reasons I don't feel the need to disclose here, things in this state haven't been going well for us. We moved here in July along with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They're planning on moving back to Florida where we came from and we're seriously considering having my case transferred and moving back with them before the winter hits on November 14th. Is this an option for us? What are the pros, the cons, etc.? If the worst case scenario were to happen and my application was denied, a huge part of my own reasoning to move is that I don't want my husband to be alone and isolated from close friends and his brother. He will not have the support he'd need here in Indiana.
  7. Would like to know if this is the case, as some sources of info I've come across have had contradicting answers to my questions.
  8. That's so good to hear that there's no fee, thank god! Honestly thank you so much for taking the time to give me this information. I'm kind of the main researcher most of the time with this stuff - I like to be constantly vigilant to the best of my ability so when I miss stuff I get super anxious. Also, would I need to file for a new I-94 or print one I already have? (bit of a blonde question but just so I'm clear)
  9. Bless you! That's handy to know. I don't want to delay anything (and honestly I wish I KNEW about this... better late than never I guess, not ideal but ugh, what can you do when instructions are vague 😡).How much is the cost for a SSN? Or at least how much is it to file, assuming there is a fee?
  10. With some research, I came across this very recent article. According to this, it says I should apply for an SSN AFTER the marriage and the AOS filing. How reliable is this info, given the recent article update? (Also again thanks for the masterlist of info and links)
  11. This is all super helpful info, thank you! I'm trying to put pressure on my partner to really get onto this. We're sorting out the marriage this week, but I think both of us were unaware of needing to apply for an SSN (I assume that stands for Social Security Number? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)
  12. That's pretty much it - the wording can screw a lot of folks over, and we've both worked HARD to get here, so we don't want to waste any time. Luckily neither of us are fussed about ceremonies or having a fancy wedding - throwing a shindig can wait, paperwork is more important to us than that stuff (especially since neither of us like big social gatherings). Getting the marriage sorted next week during his holiday is the big thing, then after that we're looking into the AOS.
  13. Hey all! Just for those following this thread as I can see some back and forth turning a little tense, my fiance/soon to be husband and I have had a long discussion about this since my posting. We have no intention of putting things off or waiting - in fact as soon as we're married, we'll be filing for the AOS at the quickest date possible, before we move. Since our move to another state is coming up and we'll be staying with his parents for a bit till we can find a place, we'll be using that address when we do file for it. He's already saved up the majority of the money needed for the filing (next pay coming during his upcoming holiday will be going towards it), so thankfully money wont be an issue when it comes to being able to pay for the AOS filing. When I came into the country, the border agent told me I have till August 16th to get married and then thats it, outskies to put it lightly. And since there's no clear time frame that specifically states when we need to file it by (meaning mentioning when to file for AOS specifically, not just the marriage), we're gonna aim for ASAP.
  14. So the 90 days not only indicates how long you have to be married, but also how long you have to file for AOS? Is that right?
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