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  1. Jason&Sarah2025

    Visiting the USA

    I was wondering about something: I am finding out for a relative. If someone who got lifetime bann from USA and went back to canada. Now became a citizen of canada will that person be allowed to visit usa with canadian passport? to drive over and visit family? Also, the person would have lots of paper to support going back to canada, owning a house, job, and car and all of that... I am just trying to find out how the lifetime ban works. Also, this person dont have any paper to say lifetime bann they just know from when they tried to apply for visitor visa four years ago.
  2. Good evening< I got married already to my husband, who came on a Fiance visa, we have applied already for adjustment of status. I was wondering if anyone knows how soon he can register his car that he came over with from Canada, and how soon can be transfer his drivers license? Like do we have to wait until he has his green card before he can have his driver license transfered? Thank you so much, sarah
  3. Jason&Sarah2025

    Driving over a car from Canada to the USA

    Thank you for letting me know. He paid off the car and will be driving it over. And then paying back that money with a loan. Thank you all so much for helping me figure this out.
  4. Jason&Sarah2025

    Driving over a car from Canada to the USA

    Hi all, I’m wondering on the process of having my fiancé drive over on his K1 Visa to America. He has a car which he is currently paying for at the moment and his bank account with money inside so he can continue to pay for the car. My question is what papers would be need to drive over the car... for his one time entry into the USA on the K1 Visa? He has driven over many times on his visitor visa but I know the one time entry will be different. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, sarah
  5. Can you let me know if your Fiancé the one with the visa was the one with the vehicle? Mu fiance has a car which he is currently still paying for? please let me know. Thank you
  6. Okay. Thank you so much. I’m going to try to find what is needed.
  7. What do you need to do if you’re driving over a vehicle? Do you need any specific paperwork. My fiancé will be driving over in two weeks with his car from Canada. Any help on what paperwork he will need? Thank you in advance sarah
  8. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    Thank you so much. My RFE was circumstances that we met physically in the last two years. I’ve made a file with a statement and attached some pictures in the document about us meeting in USA and Canada and also with family and friends. I sent mine out only today, so hoping they get it soon and then for a reply. Hope we get it soon. Did you get your RFE answer back already?
  9. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    I have an RFE dated January 31, 2018. I have to post my reply Wednesday or Thursday. I had to write statement of circumstance how we met in the last two years. I’m still not done with typing it up. I feel nervous about it. But I want to send it back out ASAP. Should I add pictures with the statement. Because we have met like 6 different occasions. Or should I just put dates and why we met? Thank you so much, Sarah.
  10. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    I jut saw that too because I check it everyday. I’m a July 17 NOA1. Patiently waiting and anxiously too.
  11. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    I’m 7/17/2017... so excited and can’t wait. But it’s giving me anxiety... I checked the website and it still says case was recieved. And I call uscis and they told me they working on cases 46 days before me.. so around June 1 of 2017. So I’m little confused on how this works.
  12. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    I’m really hoping so, I’ve been checking the websites everyday and reading all my emails I can’t do much on the visa journey website because I keep getting weird ads of winning iPhones and amazon cards. So I have my notifications set and I get all to my emails. So I read them everyday constantly. But the patience is running out.. I’m also so excited but nervous. When I submitted my petition. I didn’t put no pictures or call or chat logs. I just did some itineraries for hotel when my fiancé came to visit. And our marriage of intent. So I’m a bit nervous but praying every night and morning for an approval to come soon in the mail.
  13. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    I’m a July 17,2017 too.
  14. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    Do you know if he will have to give up his permanent residence card before entering the US? I tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything. Or do you know if being from another country that’s what they usually do?
  15. Jason&Sarah2025

    July 2017 I-129F Filers

    My parents thinks that’ it’s best if he does it because if we ever plan on moving to Canada in the future. So he did the paperwork and sent it in. But that’s about an average of 5-6 months to get it from what’s I’ve read online. I just don’t know if while coming over on the Fiancé Visa if he will have to give up his permanent resident card before entering the USA.. I don’t know if anyone else did that before?