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  1. we are actually preparing in advance. Research and etc and considered having a lawyer. It's just hard to decide whether we should do Manila or Abu Dhabi, either way would work for her as she can quit her job anytime if needed.
  2. Hi, thank you for the response. Marriage Certificate would be in English so there will be no need of translation. Him and I both have a year contract remaining in the UAE so we are looking at 10 months after the marriage to sort the visa out. For the taxes, he is filing it regularly and I know he met the 125% poverty line as he is single (never been married).
  3. Good day everyone, I am a newbee here and looking for information for future use.My fiancee and I is set to get married in Seychelles by March this year. To give a brief history, we've been together for 45 months and never been apart that long since we are both working and living in the UAE. Question is, we wanted to move in USA for good and start a family over there. Since our wedding will be in Seychelles, both of our families cant attend the wedding due health issue and distance. Our good friends will be there though. I am getting confused with the documents needed since we never really live apart. We are both in the UAE and finishing our contract until we finish the visa process. I would greatly appreciate all the input. Many thanks in advance.