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    AshuS reacted to Rsmee in Case Complete (DQ) to Interview September 2020   
    Hello VJ friends, 
    My spouse had an interview on Aug 7th (Kathmandu, Nepal). she also got the slip from consular officer that says your visa is approved and have instructions.  But when i check the status on ceac website,  it says, it is ready for an interview. when she had interview it changed to administrative processing(Aug 8th-Aug11) until last night and now changed to ready. Anybody had this issue before. please suggest, we are panicking !! 
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    AshuS reacted to hscoots in Case Complete (DQ) to Interview September 2020   
    knew it was a long shot, but my expedite was denied by the embassy today. 😞
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    AshuS reacted to hannahjsf in Case Complete (DQ) to Interview September 2020   
    All set for my interview tomorrow and was fully anticipating going into AP due to only having my medical 5 days ago.
    When I left my medical appointment they told me I could email them the day before my interview to check if my medical results were submitted. I did that this morning and got a reply less than an hour later saying it was still going through the final checking process, that's it normally takes around 5 working days, but they'd speak to their colleague to try and push my medical through in time. I was expecting it not to be complete yet and the email as a bit of wishful thinking, but I was surprised at the level of kindness and helpfulness of the person who responded. Then... I got another email at 4PM from the same person to let me know that everything was submitted this afternoon!!!!
    I am on cloud nine and cannot believe my luck right now. Hoping my embassy experience is as positive as my medical experience has been 🤞
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    AshuS reacted to dwheels76 in NVC Filers - July 2020   
    Congratulations to all the DQ's. Please come over to the Case Complete to Interview thread now. I believe I have added all the July DQ's on this thread. If not please fill out the form in my signature (Or go tot the first post). Again congratulations, Nice to see movement.
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    AshuS reacted to hscoots in NVC Filers - July 2020   
    Finally got case creation email last night, roughly 50 days after initial approval. fees paid.
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    AshuS reacted to hscoots in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    After an eternity and 8 or 9 date changes in April/May, finally got approval today. Onwards to next step. 
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    AshuS reacted to Micaella in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    Woke up to this amazing news! We are overjoyed! 💕
    Receipt Number: IOE090702****
    Service Center: Nebraska
    I-130 PD: July 15, 2019 (253 days)
    NOA1: July 18, 2019
    I-129 PD: August 15, 2019 (222 days)
    Date last updated: February 24, 2020
    Case Approved: March 24, 2020
    I-129: (Still pending)
    Petitioner: U.S. Citizen
    No Expedite / No Transfer
    Approved by: Nebraska
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    AshuS reacted to pukar in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 6   
    Got an approval Today.Thank you all.
    PD: April 11, 2019
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    AshuS reacted to MikeMonitor in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    I'm seeing a positive trend in the USCIS online system. Over the past few days, I've seen multiple cases being approved from different service centers. (Example: NOA1 from Nebraska, NOA2 from another center, without notice of transfer) This to me indicates that USCIS is slowly moving towards a "pool" system in which cases will just be worked on by next available employee. On the 2nd note, I've seen the process from USCIS to NVC/CEAC/Embassy go quicker as systems go all electronic. There was also a big upgrade last year at the NVC stage and I believe people are starting to see the benefits on the applicant side. Although this doesn't apply to everyone at the moment, it is a positive trend. Stay strong everyone and don't worry too much about things you can't control.  
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    AshuS reacted to MikeMonitor in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Observations over the past few weeks (take with a grain of salt)
    Late Feb USCIS updated the text on their egov website and it no longer states E-filing location. (Causing a lot of 'case tracker' notices to go off) The new text from IOE to E-file to basically nothing indicates to me a streamlined processing path (just a theory based on the verbiage) A big number of "LIN" "paper" cases from Nebraska were off-loaded into the other service centers. (I've seen pretty much every month from Jan-June) The most recent one I've seen is April-May LIN cases A number of Nebraska "IOE" (wether they were submitted online or through paper) cases are starting to get processed.  Personal thoughts:
    The other service centers will slow down on original files while picking up transferred Nebraska cases A lot of transferred Nebraska cases seem to take priority (probably because Nebraska were so behind) The USCIS service centers are basically re balancing the backlog of each center IOE cases will start to be processed in parallel with the LIN cases. (Theory: As more paper cases get finished and IOE cases start ramping up, I expect each service center to take IOE cases from a "pool") E-processing and going digital is a BIG USCIS push in 2019 and 2020.  Other visa programs and improvements such as E-Verify improve turnaround time for other visas/categories allowing USCIS to push resources/budget into other areas. The fiscal year for the US GOVT is October to September.  USCIS got a slight budget increase which could correlate to a few more folks being hired here and there USCIS operates mostly on the fees that it receives from applications Text directly from USCIS:
    USCIS’ goal is to make the filing and adjudication of applications a paperless process by the end of calendar year 2020. The agency has taken in, stored, and transported paper forms and documentation in the tons for far too long. USCIS is committed to using the technology necessary to support online filing and electronic records management. An electronic government is the key to increasing efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. USCIS is taking active steps to increase operations online.
    USCIS is modernizing our IT strategy and business processes to enable all applicants to file for benefits online so that we can adjudicate cases electronically. This effort is called “eProcessing.” The plan is to create an online filing platform for each benefit request product line, gradually stopping the creation of new paper immigration records. Once digital, cases can be adjudicated with more current and comprehensive information. USCIS will be better able to allocate resource, see trends, and collaborate with other agencies.
    Today individuals can file several forms online, including the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, the Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, and the Application for Naturalization. Online filing opportunities are scheduled to expand quickly because existing technical functionalities can be reused to facilitate an increased rate of deployment for subsequent benefit request types.
    USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS)
    $130.6M, 49 FTE In FY 2020, USCIS will continue the transition from largely paper-based business processes to a digital operating environment that facilitates end-to-end electronic processing of immigration benefits and petitions in ELIS. USCIS plans to continue enhancing ELIS to enable digital processing for additional forms. Furthermore, USCIS will continue with the Third Party Application Integration initiative which allows cases filed by third parties to be ingested into ELIS.
    What to expect:
    USCIS going digital Once we get into full IOE land, times will speed up Cheers
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    AshuS reacted to AMS13 in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    April has officially entered the picture.
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    AshuS reacted to R1CH1991 in I-130 July 2019 Filers   
    We’ve just been APPROVED today!
    PD - 12th July 2019 at Nebraska Service Centre.
    We’re absolutely buzzing! We’re four months ahead of the expected review date! Thank You anonymous USCIS case worker! You’ve made our day!!
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    AshuS reacted to AMS13 in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Following up on a good amount of processing already done the past couple of days.
    April and May remain ignored compared to the rest - only a few cases were processed at all.
    June has almost officially entered the picture with a lot of cases processed - I will state its % for now for future references.
    19.80% in Jan.
    44.00% in Feb.
    66.80% in Mar.
    74.70% in Jun.
    Also, I-129F denials have been spotted .. several of them.
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    AshuS reacted to B&ANZ in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Ok guys, I am a data scientist, currently unemployed USC since I moved back to the US. My forte is working with large data sets and finding specific trends/patterns to draw conclusions. This is not using Excel to look at graphs or anything like that. It is individally studying each of the parameters using different mathematical techniques to construct more helpful visualisations than just plotting the data. I know someone here was generating a spreadsheet of data. I am not sure if I am able to get this, but I am going to start picking data from VJ to create a program on Python. Just doing this to pass the time and until I get a job! Maybe even solve the big mystery on how service centres are being assigned🤪
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    AshuS reacted to Whocares in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
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    AshuS reacted to Iamtheyeti in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Just found out that my I-130 was approved on the 7th of Februrary.
    How long does it take for the nvc to receive it?
    Just to confirm, we don't need a case # to request an expedite right?
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    AshuS reacted to AMS13 in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    A follow up on last update for statistics on cases left to process so far:
    23.89% in Jan.
    55.43% in Feb.
    85% in March.
    Statistically speaking, I believe March is currently the fastest in terms of case processing speed than any other month because (1) they processed the largest amount of its cases in the smallest time possible (5% in less than 5 business days), and (2) it has more cases than both Jan and Feb.
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    AshuS got a reaction from Iamtheyeti in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Wait for week I have seen some cases I-130 approved after the  week of  I-129F denial.  congratulation 😊 
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    AshuS reacted to gloryk in I-130 denied, what to do.   
    Ok so after reading all comments below this post I want to thank everyone who took out time to sympathize with me and those who were so blunt and inconsiderate and those also who commented without understanding the post. ...🥰😍
    Now this is the update on my case... after the denial on the October 22,2019.. we filled an appeal EOIR-29 and it was recieved on November 19th 2019(less than 30 days from date of the denial.
    50 days later, on January 8th 2020, my case was reconsidered and reopened.. January 9th 2020 case was approved.. and today January 13th 2020 case was sent to Department of State..
    I had to take time to write this out so it can help someone pull through the trauma of denial someday... it can be very frustrating, depressing, etc.. I can tell you that cos I've been there... but in all, I give God all the glory.
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    AshuS reacted to AMS13 in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    A few more updates this week:
    LIN1990556814 - Form I-129F - Received:6/28/2019    Denied:11/15/2019
    LIN1990629630 - Form I-129F - Received:8/05/2019    Withdrawn:11/15/2019
    LIN1990475031 - Form I-129F - Received:5/20/2019    Denied:11/18/2019
    LIN1990510361 - Form I-129F - Received:6/07/2019    Denied:11/18/2019
    LIN1990572302 - Form I-129F - Received:10/7/2019    RFE Response Received:11/8/2019
    LIN1990623855 - Form I-129F - Received:8/26/2019    Denied:11/6/2019
    LIN1990712331 - Form I-129F - Received:9/19/2019    Expedite Denied:11/18/2019
    LIN2090046023 - Form I-129F - Received:10/23/2019    Denied:11/18/2019
    There's no pattern in the approval, denial, or even in the processing scheme of these cases. It's not possible to predict how are these cases processed. But I also think there are many things (internal to cases and/or USCIS) that I didn't factor.
    Hopefully your numbers come up soon!
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    AshuS reacted to Patricia Owuh in Nebraska K3 filers with IOE case number (for I-130)   
    I filed the I-130 in May and it went to Nebraska. I filed the I-129f in Oct. 14th and it was mailed to Texas but a few days later was sent to Nebraska , I'm assuming because that is where the I-130 is at. They have had our petition now for almost 6 months and the I-129f for 35 days and I have only gotten the NOA1  for both cases. I have about 5 case tracker apps on my phone and they all day the same, case recieved. It is very frustrating to check these sites several times daily and nothing. Some peoples cases have moved along after sending the I-129f but most have not. I just wish the processing center in Nebraska could manage to process these cases faster. All we want is to be reunited with our spouse. My husband is sick and I just want him here to get medical treatment. We have spent so much money trying to keep 2 households up and me traveling back and forth. I pray all of us at the Nebraska SC start hearing news soon! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
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    AshuS reacted to AMS13 in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    A couple more updates:
    LIN1990641577 - Form I-129F - Received:8/12/2019    Denied:11/8/2019
    LIN1990669964 - Form I-129F - Received:8/27/2019    RFE response recieved:11/7/2019
    LIN1990685226 - Form I-129F - Received:9/5/2019    Expedite Denied:11/8/2019
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    AshuS reacted to SunniSH in Nebraska K3 filers with IOE case number (for I-130)   
    I 130 - IOE - PD 8/26/19
    I 129F - LIN - PD 9/4/19
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    AshuS reacted to Julianni in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    I've never posted here before but I have to now since I JUST GOT APPROVED!!  Our PD was Nov 9th 2018 and just before the year mark it happened. No I-129 F. I can't believe it finally happened lol. It only updated on myuscis account and I got an email notification. Excited for the next step
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    AshuS reacted to Mr and Mrs S in All Nebraska I-130 Filers -- Part 5   
    Will do when I get a chance. 
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