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  1. Hey guys. We got our NOA1 for I-485, I-765, and I-131 and I immediately realized I made a mistake For the I-131, I put my husband's birthdate as my own. On the other two it is correct, but for the NOA1 for I-131 it says my birthdate instead of his. Is this a guaranteed RFE or is there anything we could do?
  2. Hi guys! So my husband and I have been filling out I-485 together. He is Colombian and speaks a decent amount of English but definitely not enough to be able to fill out this form on his own. I am fluent in Spanish and am a certified medical interpreter. I'm also the one actually writing the answers in on all of his paperwork because my handwriting is better. My question is - do I need to sign as interpreter or preparer for I-485? I don't want to not sign and then when he goes to the interview they realize his English isn't good enough to have done this form on his own. But I'm not sure if it is okay with USCIS for a relative (wife) to be interpreter or preparer. Thanks in advance!
  3. My fiancé still hasn't had the interview yet! I'll let you know when we do.
  4. Hi guys, My question is pretty specific. I am the American petitioner and my fiancé is the Colombian beneficiary. I lived in Latin American for 4 years - 2 years in Nicaragua and 2 years in Colombia, where I first met my fiancé. While I was living there I never made much money, I made so little that I was told it was unnecessary for me to file taxes. It was enough for me to live off of down there but I never had a lot of money. For the past year and a half I have been teaching English online, and within the past year I have been making better money. The company I work for is Chinese, so they do not give me a W-2. I received a certificate of employment from them and a payment summary for 2017, but that's it. I would say my average is around $1800/month, sometimes much more but never much less than that. That would put my average income around $21,600, which is just barely above the 125% poverty guideline for a 2-person household. My earnings for 2017 were $22,000, before taxes. I paid taxes independently through my own accountant. Our NOA1 was December 15th, so I am starting to get prepared for the NOA2 (hopefully!). Basically, my worry is that since I am an independent contractor and the online teaching company I work for is in China, it will not seem like sufficient evidence for the affidavit of support. I filed taxes last year so they can see my income from 2017, but the years before that I was not making enough to need to file. I am living in the States now while we wait for the NOA2 and I am applying to more stable, full-time jobs with benefits, however that could take another couple of months until I find something. I'd prefer not to use a sponsor for the I-134. Sorry, this is a bit complicated, but if anyone has any insight into what steps I should be taking, please let me know! Thanks!
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