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  1. I’m not work inlligaly only the company begun business recently and they put me in that way and other the company is registered on Puerto Rico US territory.
  2. I’m working out of book for a company in my country and I worked on full time, my questions are: How I can available to show USCIS or any I’m current work? That is a red flag for my case? Other someone can tell me Who are available person to be a good Joint Affidavit Sponsor for? Or I will be need two sponsors because I’m not fill out taxes? Thanks for in advance for yours advices. Have a nice day 😀.
  3. Thank you for your point, may ALLAH bless you and your family in good health Ameen. Thank you, the marriage it’s already registered in the jurisdiction of Pakistan Alhamdulillah. ALLAH bless you and prosper Ameen.
  4. Thanks a lot for your comment I’m appreciate your time. Is good knows.
  5. I’m US Citizen and I live in Puerto Rico and I married three months ago in Karachi Pakistan and I begun the process for petition I-130 for my husband. I need your knowledge and advices; my question is: If necessary register my marriage here in my country Puerto Rico USA?
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    Assaalam o Alaikum your wife can write to IRS asking for the documents of W2 they archived up to 10 years that kind of documents she only need provide the information they required. About pics of wedding see on mobile if you or her have and make it printout and keep faith. May ALLAH all this process make easy for both and please trust each other I know this is not easily but trust in ALLAHand each other is the best way for your blessing Ameen
  7. Assaalam o Alaikum Dear Sister our prayers with you and your husband. Sister I’m not have words for both only keep your faith in ALLAH and you see how everything will be fine and you see the blessing of ALLAH over you INSHA ALLAH and soon you have good news Ameen.
  8. Fzk@1120


    Thanks a lot for the information. That mean first fee is $535. For petition. Then when NVC have the case then I will be pay $445. And when all be approved I pay $220. To USCIS. It’s correct? I get you point?
  9. How many fee I need paid with the petition I-130? I know already the fee for I-130. But I don’t know if I need pay any other fee when I will be submit for first time my petition.
  10. Assaalam o Alaikum Thanks for your comments I’m appreciated.
  11. Thank bhai may ALLAH your process be easy Ameen.
  12. Thanks for your comments I’m appreciate. May ALLAH reward you.