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  1. My fiancé arrived in Orlando last Friday as her POE. Everything went smooth for her. She handed them her packet. They opened it and asked a couple of basic questions like the address where she’s going to live and reminder her that she has 90 days to get married. The only down side was it took her almost 2 hours to get through the line. Good luck!
  2. Yay on the ticket! I know what you mean. Cash has been flowing out like crazy. My fiancé flew out of Jakarta today and is now 12 hours away from orlando! It’s surreal we are at this point. This process has been so painfully long and stressful! Do you plan to live in Chicago? I’m a huge Cubs fan and love that city.
  3. This is funny! My fiancé is also used to having a bidet and I never used one until I went to visit her. Now I am hooked too. I installed a bidet on both toilets in our place. Here’s the one I got and it works great and easy to install: https://www.lowes.com/pd/BLUE-BIDET-White-Toilet-Mounted-Bidet/999899869 it definitely saves on toilet paper costs and so much cleaner. I wish the rest of the country would catch on to this.
  4. Congrats to @John & Rose! I’ve been watching just for you brother! My fiancé got her VOH yesterday and is flying here tomorrow and will land in orlando on Friday! We are soooo excited! I hope everyone else gets to this point soon!
  5. Our visa was changed to ISSUED yesterday. That just means it’s been printed. I contacted the embassy and they said it will be sent out tomorrow, so that’s 3 days. We opted to pick it up at the courier service as we thought it would be quicker than waiting for them to deliver it. Although I’m sure it different for each embassy.
  6. We will buy her ticket for the day after she has VOH. We are hoping Monday or Tuesday. She paid the embassy fee at via the bank option and brought the receipt to the interview. The instructions were in the email she received from the embassy. You can bring cash in rupiah too.
  7. My fiancé just finished her embassy interview and she’s APPROVED! Wooo so happy! She said the interview was quite short. They asked for her affidavit of support, intent to marry, DS160 form and receipt of payment for the visa. They only asked her a few questions. When did we meet, how did we meet, when we saw each other last, what state is she going to move to, we’re either of us married before and that’s it. They told her she will have her visa within a week. We prepared a huge binder of forms and proof and information. They didn’t ask for much of it but better to be over prepared. @Hoosier81 tell your fiancé not to be nervous. It’s not a bad process. Good luck Tuesday!
  8. Will do. She is at the embassy for her interview now. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hello June Flier Friends! im checking in to see how everyone is doing! Still praying for everyone from June who is still dealing with the USCIS bastards. We got our NOA2 Jan 28 and the website still hasn’t updated our status and the post office lost our hard copy to boot. We need the NOA2 copy apparently for the AOS, so I get to call them again. My fiancé is flying to Jakarta today and she has her interview tomorrow. We are so excited! Things moved really fast once we got our NOA2. We are hoping she can get her visa by next Monday and we will buy a ticket for her to come here literally the day after. Hoping everyone else is getting close as well. I’ll post info about her interview after it’s over. Wish us luck!
  10. The posts tonight are so entertaining....I just made some popcorn. Carry on everyone!
  11. Hello all! June 23 flier here. My fiancé is doing her medical exam today and we received an interview date for March 8 at the Jakarta Embassy. We are very excited. Once we got the NVC number, things are moving so fast! Especially compared to what we are used to. Hang in there June fliers and be prepared for the sudden change in speed! Thoughts with all of you who are still waiting!
  12. Everything I’ve read about the medical is that you have to an interview scheduled first.
  13. Have you received the email and packet yet? I see we are both preparing for the same embassy😁
  14. This morning the NVC said they sent our petition to the Jakarta Embassy and this evening the NVC said the embassy has it and our case is ready to schedule an interview. Although we still haven’t received anything from the embassy yet.
  15. Hi all! We were approved Jan 29 and the NVC received our case today and assigned our number. Looks like they sped up that process significantly!