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  1. I don't think we could use a baby transportation letter. My child is an American. I meet all the requirements to pass on my citizenship. We have 6 children. 5 of them born in the UK. 4 of them have a CRBA from the London Embassy. I just need an appt, which is almost impossible to get.
  2. Thanks. Perhaps I should've asked if this is common or if it is better to abandon the greencard and reapply.
  3. I am most concerned with my husband's long absence from the USA and being allowed back into the country and not losing his lpr status. We want to be back ASAP.
  4. I got my ILR in the UK in 2008. We were moving the other way. We were planning on being here five months. That didn't happen. We are still trying to get my daughter's CRBA. I didn't really consider just reapplying for my husband if he is brought before a judge and deemed to have abandoned residency. But that makes sense.
  5. He has a 10 year greencard. Even if he has been out of the cou try for over two years you think he can return easily? I mentioned the baby because it is one of the reasons we are stuck in the UK and haven't returned. She has no American paperwork. I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
  6. My husband got his greencard in Jan 2018. He is a UK citizen, I am the American. We have been in the UK since OCT 2019, we planned to return in March of 2020 but.... well we were stuck here. I had a baby in Feb 2020. We haven't been able to get her birth certified at the Embassy in London or even apply for a returning visa. The Embassy was shut and now has extremely limited appts. We didn't plan on being here this long. We want to return but aren't sure about being allowed back. Thoughts and experiences are helpful.
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