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  1. Hi all, just want to update everyone. My spouse I 485 was approved. What’s the next step for us? 🙏
  2. Will she get half of the house that I bought before the marriage?
  3. When am I allowed to begin the divorce? And should I do it before or after withdrawing my affidavit of support?
  4. I see. But if I withdraw my affidavit of support now, I will be off the hook?
  5. So if we go this route, will I have to be bounded by the affidavit of support when we are divorced down the line? (Sorry for asking dumb question)
  6. I agree you. What’s sad is that she is not that type of person. It’s true that you don’t know the person until you’re married to them. I wish I had listened to this advice and your advice from day one.
  7. Thank you. I am trying to find a way out. However, all I see is black holes everywhere. I have thought about suicide because the pain is too great to bear.
  8. Thank you. We are still living in the same house, so I am mostly alone with her. How do I overcome this problem of not being alone with her? (Sorry for asking the dumb question). THIS.
  9. Thank you. So if I withdraw my affidavit of support, but I am still married to her...when is she required to leave the country? (I am sorry for asking the dump question).
  10. I think by now most of you probably have gathered that I am just scared. I am lost and confused. I am so scared right now. I have action paralysis. That’s how scared I am.
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