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  1. Perfect, thank you!
  2. Hi there, The SSN app states that "if you check "Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work" or "Other" you must provide a document from a US Federal, State, or local government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all requirements for the government benefit." Given that I will be checking "Legal alien not allowed to work", I do not have proof of reason to qualify. It also says "We can issue you a Social Security card only if you need the number for a valid non-work reason." Were other asked for this during their attempts at getting an SSN? Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! Hoping the moves go well for you. Enjoy the nice weather @wingman23 😂
  4. En route to my new home in the US! It has been a crazy, stressful, exciting and expensive journey hahah but I am so thankful for everyone here on this forum. Wishing everyone the best! A total of ~9 months from submitting the I-129F to moving, woo!
  5. Yep! I brought both of these and they didn't ask for them.
  6. When I got mine done, I had to specify that it was under the privacy act. The linked provided by @payxibka shows this info., and it's what I followed when I got mine. Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: The Certified Criminal Record Check requested under the Privacy Act is fingerprint-based, but the report does not include an image of the applicant’s fingerprints. Procedure for Obtaining: To obtain this document, you must submit your fingerprints to a local police service or RCMP-approved partner agency. YOU MUST STATE THAT YOU ARE REQUESTING THE RECORD UNDER THE PRIVACY ACT. Do not select “Visa/Border Crossing” as the purpose of the request. You must also specifically request the record which includes the “RCMP National Repository entire holdings.” I quoted the whole procedure to the woman doing my fingerprints because it can get a bit confusing. Your best bet is to get the fingerprint check under the privacy act asap to avoid any more delays if you do not think you have the right one. The police check itself was very short. People posted their examples here:
  7. You will need the finger-print based police check under the privacy act! If you do not have it, you will likely be given the 221G and have to send it to them once you obtain it. Mine took 2 weeks to get. Here are some posts where we discussed it more recently!
  8. 1. My fiance had an address change, and it did not impact anything that know of so far! It was after we received the NOA2. It was super easy to change, too. 2. If his career didn't change, I would just keep it the same, especially considering he is self-employed. 3. I would put full-time student with the institution name. I am not sure if it is 100% necessary, but it could come up in the interview stage. On the DS-160 you have to include your current occupation and short job description, so you should keep it as consistent as possible. Include all jobs, even if they have overlapping dates. I had two part-time jobs that overlapped when I was student, too. 4. You don't need a full letter about your how you met. Simply fill out the section on the form with a brief statement of how you met etc. Keep it simple. We put that when we met, how we met online and that we visit about every two months. For our proof, we had a section called 'evidence of meeting in the last two years'. We included about 20 photos with names, dates and locations on the back that were printed on photo paper and placed in a plastic sandwich bag. Bus tickets and boarding passes were organized by date and we included a little post-it describing whose ticket it was and highlighted the dates (these were paper clipped together). Conversation screenshots, call logs and a few screenshots of social posts were paper clipped together and we highlighted the dates and names. I don't think much of it was necessary, but I wanted to include more to be on the safe side. 5. This part confused me, too. Don't fill it out unless you are currently in the US. We did not fill it out since I was home in Canada.
  9. https://ceac.state.gov/ allows you to track your case!
  10. When submitting P3, you just send back the checklist, DS-160 confirmation w barcode, and biographical page of your passport. Here is a list of everything I brought to my K1 interview. I bolded the things they actually took at the interview. Intent to marry letter (fiance's only, not mine) Confirmation page of DS-160 A copy of the letter that the consulate sent via e-mail Proof of interview payment Appointment confirmation Passport and copy of biographical page Proof of fiance's domicile in the U.S. Utility bills Copy of US fiance's status in USA Passport biographical page Birth Cert. Copy of long form birth certificate Police check Affidavit of support (I-134) with all supporting financial documents. Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following details regarding the account: (1) Date account opened; (2) Total amount deposited for the past year; and (3) Present balance 2018 Tax return and W2s Contract Paystubs 401K and Roth IRA statements Evidence of relationship Photographs Boarding passes/bus tickets Phone logs Two recent, colour, passport-style photographs Medical-examination results in a sealed envelope NOA2
  11. 5 days! I was supposed to get it in on Dec. 9, but Canada Post has been having some delays.
  12. Got my visa in hand! The passport page looks so funny and for some reason I wasn't expecting them to use the photo I gave them at the interview hahaha just glad I did my hair the day I got the photo done 😅 Planning to make the movie Jan 11th!
  13. Congrats! Mine was supposed to arrive today, but it hasn't yet.
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