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  1. Yay! Congrats I also had no idea we had to change our status with social security! I’ll have to get on that.
  2. Green Card has arrived! It’s crazy to think about how long this process actually takes. We filed for the K1 in April 2019. Two years later and the magical and mythical card is in hand 😂 Forever grateful for Visa Journey and all of your help here on this forum. Immigration wouldn’t be the same without you all 😅 Wishing everyone the best of luck throughout their journeys. Next stop, ROC!
  3. I brought a copy of mine from when I completed it for the K1, but they didn’t even ask for it! I think you’re good and won’t need a new one!
  4. My status changed to new card being produced - woo!!! Looking forward to hearing your updates!
  5. I had my interview today and it went really well from what I believe! No indication on whether or not we were approved -- she just said if she needs anything else from us we will get a letter in the mail. She asked for IDs (passports, drivers license), my EAD, birth certificates, marriage license. She took all of my documentation for proof of relationship (financial documents, photos, beneficiary documents, cat adoption forms, lease + lease amendment, phone bill, insurance documents). While she was organizing our paperwork, she told us to prepare for a few questions: when we met, how we met, how we got engaged, how we got married. She didn't actually end up asking us the about our engagement and marriage, just about how and when we met online, met in person and how we maintained our relationship prior to meeting in person. She asked me how many times I've been to the US, if I've ever applied for a US Visa (since I'm from Canada we discussed how I didn't need a Visa to enter the US), if I had parents and what they thought about me moving to a new country and getting married to an American citizen. She also asked where we worked, where we were both born, typical Yes/No questions from the i485 form. It went by pretty quickly and hoping to see an approval soon!!!
  6. It has been lost in the mail and I've been through so many run arounds with USCIS. I just chatted with them and they finally told me my interview is 3/30 and that I will be contacted by a Tier 2 representative. Not sure what's going to happen from here - if I have to reschedule or attend the Tuesday interview despite no interview appointment letter. So frustrating!
  7. I have been scheduled for an interview since 2/17 and have been awaiting my letter. I just chatted with a USCIS rep to see if the letter has been sent and it hasn't - frustrating, but I am glad I checked.
  8. Oh perfect that's the location I saw online too. And I feel you. I'm 10000% done with paperwork.
  9. Awesome! Maybe we'll have our interview on the same day since I'm in Philly too. Checking my USPS informed delivery like crazy 😂 do you know the location of the interview by chance? I'm hoping it's the location in University City area since getting to other place where we do fingerprints is such a pain.
  10. My interview has been scheduled as of February 17th! I checked the site yesterday and hadn't updated. But just saw that it updated today. Awaiting the letter in the mail now! I was about to send my EAD renewal in on Monday, so I'm glad I can avoid that.
  11. Thank you! I was thinking it was about ~90 days beforehand, so this is perfect. Do we have to submit payment?
  12. Happy New Year, all! I received my EAD card at the end of August and have been working since November (woo!). My I485 still says I'm ready to be scheduled. I was wondering at what point should I apply for renewal given that my interview likely won't be scheduled for some time lol.
  13. I got an email from them and they said my appointment was cancelled and that it was an error on their end!
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