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  1. I sent in a few apple wallet boarding passes! I just made sure to print out the part that has the full date (month, day and year) on it since some of mine didn't. If you press the 'i' button it shows a bit more info, so I just printed that, too. We've yet to receive our NOA2 since we just submitted in April, but I am hoping that we won't have an issue with the Apple wallet tickets! Good luck!
  2. oops, i meant walmart not wallet haha. wishing you luck with everything!
  3. we put ours in a cheap, plastic folder from wallet that had pockets on each side. we put all of our paper work together using a big binder clip. we then paper clipped the other items together by category. for example, we paper clipped all of tickets together, photos together, passport pictures and so on. tried to keep it as simple as we could but also organized!
  4. Do you know if this is common for most Canadians doing the K1? My place sucks for getting mail, so e-mail would be perfect haha.
  5. https://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide/ this will answer most of your questions! 1. you need to provide proof of name change in your I-129F submission. 3. passport or birth certificate 4. i would put her family's address to be on the safer side since she will be receiving mail later on! 6. we put N/A for the rest of the fields that weren't relevant to us.
  6. Late April filer here! Would love to see an approval but probably wont until July haha. Here's hoping for you March filers and early April filers 😁
  7. Congrats on your journey so far! Not an answer to your question, but I just had to say that like your wife, I am from Hamilton, too! I wasn't expecting to see that! Wishing you guys the best 🙂
  8. we wrote ours out with pen and then scanned each page to have another copy. it's time consuming, but typing on the PDF was very annoying and didn't format well.
  9. Agreed! I am getting so antsy and it's only been a month since receiving my NOA1 haha.
  10. Good luck! I feel you on the researching timelines part haha.
  11. Yay! We have the exact same time line, even down to the credit card charge date haha.
  12. Thank you for your response! Ahh, yes. I thought that it would be way longer than August, so I was surprised to see that as the average. Given that, I will give or take a few months! Thanks!
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