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  1. Thank you. I called the embassy and was told that "consular officers do not answer questions about interviews" and that I had to call the visa center. I called the visa center and they said it is up to the discretion of the interviewing officer - some may accept a copy, others may set the status at pending until they get an original. So basically it's up to each individual and nobody will give me a clear answer. I was trying to avoid having my sister send her original because she was born on a military base outside the U.S., and therefore has a special document that is extremely difficult to replace. It's risky to submit that!
  2. Thanks, but she doesn't have a passport. That's why I specifically asked about the birth certificate. I specifically asked about a birth certificate because she doesn't have a passport.
  3. Hi all, My sister will be a co-sponsor for my fiance, and she is understandably hesitant about sending her original birth certificate overseas for the interview. Is it okay to submit a copy or does it have to be original? Please, no guessing. Only let me know what you did if you have already passed the interview. We are interviewing in Seoul, Korea, if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  4. Sorry for the time lag between responding. How are you now? Did you get approved?
  5. eeis77


    So there is no need to put his passport information? Do I need to include copies of his passport ID Page?
  6. The beneficiary has visited the U.S. before, but is not currently in the U.S. Do I still need to provide the I-94? The form says, "If your beneficiary is currently in the U.S., please complete Item Numbers 38.a. - 38.h." This is the only place to put his passport information, but he's not currently in the U.S. Should I put his passport number anyway? Thank you!
  7. For Employer 1 and the most recent address, what do I put for the end date? Should I write "present" or "N/A" or just the date that I'm filling out the form?
  8. Thank you so much for your reply. We are not sure exactly which city we want to move back to yet. Obviously it would be good to decide that first, but is it required? Do we have to make that decision before we start anything?
  9. You had to separate regardless? Then how would it be different for us? Why didn't you try to do the DCF if it's possible?
  10. I'm not sure what you mean. We are both living in South Korea now. We would like to apply for K-1 from within Korea and then go to the U.S. together. If getting married in Iceland is the better option, then we may do that. In any case, we don't want to separate. We are looking for a way to apply for his visa and get approved so that we can go together. Did you have to separate for legal visa purposes or just for personal business? Was it legally possible for you guys to enter the States together?
  11. So does that mean that you were able to enter the U.S. together and did not have to separate?
  12. The petitioner must prove domicile to sponsor to get the green card, I know, but we have no intention of moving back to Korea after marriage. Can't we get him in on a K-1, get married, then prove domicile by me getting a job/house/etc. in order to apply for the green card?
  13. 1) Does anyone have experience with applying for a K-1 visa as a gay couple? 2) We (the U.S. citizen and the foreign citizen) both live outside the U.S. for now, so is it possible to start the process from our country of residence and then move the U.S. together?