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  1. Good new, i just got my interview letter today. My interview date is September 27. I got my case complete in July 18. Finally, our journey almost end. Good luck to everyone. Be patience and dont panic. Good thing will come
  2. Thank you, I'm non-pivot case. I send my document on June 20 and submitted DS-260 form on July 2
  3. Good news !!! I just got my case complete today. Now, I'm waiting for my interview date . Does anyone know how long it takes to receive an interview letter?
  4. Hi everyone, so after 8 weeks, I finally received the case number and invoice number two days ago over the phone. I was able to log in and filled out DS-261 form. However, I cannot make any payment or do anything else. so my question is "how long they will review my DS-261 and give me the bill".
  5. Hi there, did you receive a case number from NVC yet
  6. Hi guys, is non-pivot case getting a case number shorter timeframe than pivot case? I saw somewhere VJs people said that non-pivot case is taking around (4-6 weeks) and pivot case is around (6-8 weeks). Can anyone clarify this again for me? Thank you and good luck to you all
  7. Thank you for answering my question
  8. Quick question: IF I receive case number over the phone, how long does it usually take to get the welcome letter from NVC?
  9. Lol, we got the same approve date 3/16/18, and TSC sent the case to NVC on 4/2/18. NVC received my case on the 4/9/18. I think we will get our case number at the same time as well.
  10. Hello everyone, I just called the NVC and they said they received my case April 9th. And they said it could take up to 8 weeks to receive the case number. NOA1: September 27, 2017 NOA2: March 16, 2018 The case was sent to Department of State: April 2, 2018 NVC received: April 9th, 2018 Hopefully, I got the case number very soon . Good luck to everyone
  11. Hi there, We got exactly the same approve date (March 16) and the date that the case sent to NVC (April 2nd). If you receive anything such as a welcome letter or any fees that need to be paid from NVC. Let me know too
  12. Thank you very much for answer my question. Second, if you can explain to me what is pivot case and non-pivot case. I searched on google but I didn't give me the exact answer
  13. Hey folks, I received my NOA2 on March 16, 2018. Today, I just checked on my.uscis.gov and it said that "We sent your case to the U.S. Department of State (DOS) for visa processing" on April 3rd, 2018. My question is how long does it take to NVC receive and provide a case number. Do I start calling the NVC for my case number and invoice number after 1 week from now?
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this post with everyone here. I just checked my case using this method and I saw that my case was approved a week ago. I didn't even know about this. I expect to get a notice by paper very soon. Maybe you guys should try this. Good luck to everyone
  15. Hi everyone, I just tried to refresh the link again and its work. After added my case to the system, I saw that my case was approved, too. NOA1: Sep 27, 2017 Approved: March 19, 2018 Texas Service Center Thank you so much to alexandramfebles