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  1. So after getting the conditional card, based on marriage, my wife who is the sponser on 864, does she still have to keep working making more than the minimum? What happens if she quits? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I'd appreciate if you could share it. It's been almost a month and I haven't received anything from Selective Service.
  3. So, got my GC on 11/06. I turned 26 on 8/8. Before that I was waiting on AOS from F-1 Visa. Do I need to register with selective service?
  4. Here it says 180 days (https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/employment-authorization-document) Another question, I-485 is pending. What is my class of admission on I-131? Thanks.
  5. My EAD expires on 02/06/2019 (was only for 1 year): 1) Should I submit a renewal form I-765 right now? IO told me if I submit it too early they are going to return the application. 2) Do I get the 180 days extention mentioned here (https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/automatic-employment-authorization-document-ead-extension) even if I didn't submit for renewal? 3) I never applied for AP, if I apply now will I get the combo card in February 2019? 4) What if I want the AP as soon as possible. Can I ask them to send me AP before February 2019? 5) If they have the capacity to issue my EAD before 02/2019, let's say 12/2018, will they do it? What would that cancel the old EAD? Thank you.
  6. Each was born in a different country. How long do you think it would take? Have you ever seen such a situation before?
  7. Any update? The same thing happened to us today. I'd like to know what kind of evidence they asked for and how long did it take? Thanks.
  8. How do we prove she was born here? The midwife was licensed but his wife used his name to falsify birth certificates that aren't born on US soil. So the ultimate question is, how to make sure that my wife doesnt have any problem regarding her birth certificate in the future? Can we get it certified by the Department of Homeland Security? Or is there a different way? If they send us an RFE asking as to prove she was born here?
  9. I actually just googled the midwife and this is him https://law.justia.com/cases/texas/thirteenth-court-of-appeals/2003/12714.html (basically suied by the State of TX for falsifying birth certificates) How ironic lol. Do you recommend a lawyer? Or there is nothing we can do about it? Thank you.
  10. So my wife (petitioner) USC been born thru a midwife. She has a birth certificate and a passport. She was born in the US. She renewed her passport 2 times before and never had a problem. We had our interview today and the IO said that everything is fine but he can't approve it because they have to investigate my wife's citizenship because she was born thru a midwife and not a hospital. They are going to contact governments of her parents origin to make sure there is not a birth certificate for her there. So, my question is -give the fact that she has a passport and have always had one- was what he did was the standard? Is that something serious? Should we hire a lawyer to expedite the process? Thank you.
  11. I have my interview tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. I got everything to the T but still. Anyone who recently had their interview there? I already read the reviews for the office on there. Thanks!
  12. I don't have anything for my F-1 except the visa and the I-20. Am I in trouble? How do I go about getting a copy of whatever I submitted for the F-1. Bear in mind I don't even remember what I submitted as that was 5 years ago!
  13. What do you mean immigration submissions? I only have an F-1 Visa in my passport and this AOS.
  14. So, I have my interview this Monday and I have assembled everything I can for it. I have a copy of everything submitted, updated I-864, I-693, passports, marriage certificate, birth certificates and evidence (joint checking account, joint apartment lease, health insurance and pictures.) 1) The interview letter states to bring "all documentation establishing your eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident status." What do they mean by that? 2) They are asking to bring any immigration or travelling documents issued/used before. Would a most recent electronic I-94 be okay? Thanks!