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    Rani32 reacted to Saiali in I got my K1 Visa, but i need to cancel it   
    I know this post is late but u should go bc u may find your way back to each other once u are in the same space. 🙌🧚‍♀️🧚🏿‍♀️👍🤞🧚‍♀️❤. Just know are not alone and don't give up easily. Sometimes a fresh start is as easy as saying I love u and i'm sorry. Focus on the good memories and qualities u both share. 
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    Rani32 reacted to Oluwasegun in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
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    Rani32 reacted to Alan&Alex in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    https://egov.uscis.gov/ down for anyone else?
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    Rani32 reacted to BananaButton5 in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Everytime I get an email or a text I get excited and jump to my phone to check it, just to get disappointed when it's just a spam email, lol. I'm feeling a bit crazy today. We're so close! The waiting hasn't felt too awful until now. Really missing my SO extra today! I hope we keep seeing steady approvals and congrats to those who received theirs  let's all hang on tight and keep supporting one another! 
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    Rani32 reacted to Seepia in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    OMG! We just got an email from USCIS like 15 minutes ago and we were approved!
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    Rani32 reacted to moreadore in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Checking back in again March 1 Old site March 6 new site- New site not updated just got a text. Old site updated- Approved today 9/4/18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rani32 reacted to Verona and Andrew in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Yep, I guess she is. 
    I am 27th of Feb old website, and 2nd of March new website. 
    Hopefully will get my Noa2 this or next week 
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    Rani32 reacted to Russel1995 in K1 advice   
    haha yes.  im already fluent in spnaish people just need to talk slow to me when speaking it or else i wont hear all the words.  but ill check into duolingo and let her know.  thanks 😁
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    Rani32 reacted to VickeySis in January 2018 I-129F Filers, Part II   
    Sorry for the long post but wanted to share what happened today....
    Called USCIS 1st time tier one immediately transferred me to tier 2, left full name and was told 125minute wait time. Received call from tier 2 @5:10pm CST and was told “yes I see they took action on your case, you will receive notice in the mail 1-2 weeks” refused to tell me what action, and that they could not tell me whether approved or not....I hung up the phone with a feeling of something wasn’t right...I immediately called back and told tier 1 that I was just speaking to tier 2 about my case and that she was getting ready to tell me status of my case when it disconnected...white lie yes I know, tier 1 Ashley said; “oh on the 23rd they APPROVED your case you will receive notice in a few days!” 
    I am still in complete shock at the same time it’s crazy how if it wasn’t for my gut telling me to call back I would have waited until Monday.... to my dear friends waiting.....KEEP CALLING everyone knows the answers to our questions so DON’T give up and don’t settle for the first time!!!!!!!!! 
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    Rani32 reacted to Catheryne in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    It is what it is , i just want to be with my fiance soon just like everyone else i dont know what the issue is . Goodluck to you and everyone else ☺️
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    Rani32 reacted to Lucy&Jason in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Hello March’es.. really approval for March filers is now MARCHing on. I just wish that tomorrow and the next coming days this thread will be flooded with approvals. For those who will be receiving an RFE, don’t you worry guys. RFE is still a goodnews. Yes it delays your approval but atleast USCIS already opened your file and you will get your Approval as soon as they received your response. 
    And for those who will get APPROVED, a massive Congratulations to all of you in advance.❤️❤️❤️
    Let’s get this rollin’..........
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    Rani32 reacted to Amiina and Kim in January 2018 I-129F Filers, Part II   
    Hi I'm a long time lurker.  
    Old site NOA1 jan 24
    Recieved email and text this morning.  Called got confusing information. 
    Tier 1 said RFE mailed on Aug 8
    Tier 2 said RFE on supervisors desk waiting approval. 
    Any ideas for me to be concerned?

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    Rani32 reacted to Amnazaid in I-129F February 2018 Filer   
    My petitioner called uscis and they told us that we are approved..!! Allamduillah:) i m sooo much happy..!! 
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    Rani32 reacted to Verona and Andrew in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Oh no I am actually talking about another couple Richard&Kseniia. Their noa1 was 16.03.2018 and noa2 13.08.2018. So I was wondering how they got is so quickly. 
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    Rani32 reacted to Meu Amor in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    My Fiance told me. Someone in her group saw it on here actually. We'll wait for them to confirm. But somewhere on VisaJourney a Marcher is showing approved. 🤙🏽
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    Rani32 reacted to Jorgedig in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    You Marchies are almost there!  Final stretch!
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    Rani32 reacted to Catheryne in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
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    Rani32 reacted to crono_clone in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    They just approved a Feb 5th filer! 
    We're sooooooo close, everyone! I can't wait for my favorite month, September! 
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    Rani32 reacted to BrianC in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    February tread reporting a few approvals for february.  Probably a fortunate few so uscis can still say 5 months to 7 months.   I think very few 5 month ones.
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    Rani32 reacted to BrianC in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    there has been conversations that you are at the mercy of the system that you should just sit back and wait.  This is not true.  Prepare now for when you get approval for Noa1.  You can speed up the process somewhat.  Everyone should read the attached link to understand and be ready to move your visa along.  You can shave some time off once you. Get the initial approval and not delay the process.
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    Rani32 reacted to BrianC in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    January has started...
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    Rani32 got a reaction from crono_clone in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    january 2018 please not 2017 lol  
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    Rani32 reacted to crono_clone in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Hi everyone! It's a new month and we're getting closer and closer! I'll be visiting my fiance in September for my birthday and hopefully he'll be approved by then as well! I haven't seen him since the end of January so it's been agonizing 😭 but I know this will all be worth it in the end!
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    Rani32 reacted to aprilfiler2018 in March 2018 I-129f Filers   
    Hi all,
    I am introducing myself to the group. We are a German American couple and I live and work in Sweden at the moment. Maybe we are rather April filers, because our NOA1 has been received on March 26 2018. As it is taking very very long to get all the police certificates (I lived in 5 different countries) I already started organizing them. I live abroad, so I needed to schedule an appointment at the German Embassy etc in order to ask for my Police certificates in my home country.
    So far ich have received 2 different police certificates. If they will run out due to long waiting times, I guess I would have to ask for new ones then.. Oh dear...
    Wish you all the best of luck with you process!
    And if there are more applicants from Stockholm or germany, it would be great to make contact here!
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    Rani32 reacted to Abdeslam in Case Revocation Notice sent from USCIS   
    K1 visa , Algeria
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