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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Oh hi. yes it changes whenever your card is being produce if they mailed it to you and if the card is pick up by USPS
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    MY AP is approved same date as my EAD WAHHHHH..😍
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    Rani32 reacted to americaninlove in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Who did you call and what did you say? I’m at 119 days but we’ve called to ask about expediting and they just say we don’t qualify. What exactly did you do and who did you talk to!? We are desperate to get the AP in the next six weeks ugh. It seems impossible. We cannot even get them to answer today!!
    Has anyone successfully called and spoke to an operator at USCIS today!?! This is so frustrating. 
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    If you did your biometrics already at you've been waiting that long I think you should give them a call.  
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    Rani32 reacted to Kyle&Ana in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    I hope they a least  start touching this month petitions, i am an speed up process for all and for all the people that is still waiting!
    omg! right now i am 119 days waiting! i am over the frustrating situation, of feel like a little kid(yes i am literally ignoring myself), and of course these are the longest vacation i have had! and believe or not one income its just no right for almost a half of a year! or what if you still have to come back to your country for whatever reason or emergency with family, they should include that EAD with the K1 visa because we already pass a rigorous proccess!
    byee sorry for the rant!
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    I wish I have my  GC interview schedule soon but yeah I'm already thankful that I'll have my EAD soon and Yes I call them but I drop the call because I waited 30 minutes and still no rep answers my call. then I inquire using their online website last Thursday  they responded last Saturday that I did not file online  but then yesterday (Monday) my EAD status change. 
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Received a text from USCIS that A new CARD is being produced for my EAD 😍 104 days after my biometrics ..
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    Rani32 reacted to Romei in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Hey guys, i am getting so depressed sitting at the house all day. I dont know what to do , i just feel like going back to my country and start working 😭
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    Rani32 reacted to IrishTexan in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Woo hoo!!!!! EAD Carr is being produced as of today! Hopefully this means EAD/AP convo, but there has been no change on AP status. but WOO HOO! 121 days after CASE WAS RECEIVED. 
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    Rani32 reacted to Amy & John in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    hey fellow March peoples. I filed March 22nd. after seeing the EAD/AP dates blow out to October I filed and expedite due to financial loss.
    I was prepared to wait patiently but after a 300 day wait for my K1 in 2017/2018 and now faced with a massive wait I expedited. Today my EAD was approved.
    My greencard is going to be a long time we are Dallas and wait is up to 22 months and in the meantime I need a job and I want to go home for a visit.
    anyways I didn't have a job offer you don't need one for expedite as long you can prove through bills ect  ( obviously its up to the officer looking at your case weather to approve or not) since arriving we have had over 5k in unexpected bills (major plumbing issues and hospital visit even with insurance). took 11 days to approve.  just wanted to write this post so others can see that is it possible. good luck to everyone still waiting.
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Anyone from Texas who got their Interview scheduled for I-485 already?
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    Rani32 reacted to confusedshoes in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Hi everyone, We filed back in March and have received our NOAs for AOS/EAD/AP a few weeks after. When we check the status of our AOS it still says "Fingerprint Fee Was Received" Our timeline for EAD and AP changed from May/Jun to Sept/Oct. Anyone in the same boat as us? It feels like the finish line keeps moving further and further away. I doubt our AOS will be ready any time soon, the San Francisco office is completely backed up, current processing time is 490 days from Biometrics till decision.
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    Rani32 reacted to FemmeFatal in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Hi Guys , I'm just curios if your EAD and AP status change as well after your biometrics?
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    Rani32 reacted to Nicola and Jordan in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Mine is 20-30 months long 😯
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    Rani32 reacted to Canadian87 in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Where will your interview be?
    Seems like a lot of March filers are having good luck. 
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    Rani32 reacted to PaulaMarie in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Same. Now I have to subscribe to Hulu because I might finish all Netflix shows. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 
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    Rani32 reacted to Sailormooon in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    My green card is expected to arrive tomorrow before 8pm! Wohoooo!
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    Rani32 got a reaction from rye_212 in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    hello march filers
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    Rani32 reacted to Nicola and Jordan in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Anyone else find it EXTRA annoying when you put a comment about your USCIS status and someone always has to put
    ‘There are people from January 1989 still waiting so calm down’.
    Yes Susan I am well aware of this as most of us here have been on the K1 or Spousal journey so we know how it works so calm yourself down, we are still allowed to talk about our case too 🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Not been directed at me yet but I’ve seen it on others and man does it wind me up.
    Rant over, have a nice evening y’all 😂😂😂😂
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    Rani32 reacted to PaulaMarie in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    What are the things we can do while we wait? I know we cannot do paid work, but what about volunteer work? I was also planning to take Fundamentals of Engineering Test if the law allows. Anyone has idea? Or link to where I can read? Thank you!
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    Rani32 reacted to Sailormooon in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Urgh, I've just called BMV for my driving license. They said I have to wait for my green card to take the test. I hate relying on my husband to take me places! I feel stuck at home lol
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    Rani32 reacted to Shiran in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    Rani, I am confused. You said you payed them with a check from your bank? Are you unable to login to your bank account and see if they money were taken out? Do hope you hear something soon.
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    Rani32 reacted to nekojita in MARCH 2019 - AOS Filers   
    I had similar issues... I called them and they said I had to wait 15 business days before they could escalate. 15 business days passed, I called them back, then they gave me an email address to contact.  I received back an autogenerated email saying they would respond within 30 days.  In the meantime I have received by notifications texts and physical NOAs in the mail.  I mailed my package on 3/8 and just got both the texts / NOA's last week... so my guess is that you'll likely get yours this week.
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    Rani32 reacted to CnMjourney in February 2019 - AOS Filers!!!   
    Guess what my friend.... I sent an email last night to the Lock Box at 9:30 pm BY 11:00 pm I received the text messages and the check was cashed! SO MY HUGE FILE was sitting on someones desk for 15 days collecting dust?? I don't understand......
    Yes I received an automated email saying they will "look into it" and it'll take another two weeks....nonsense....but thank you so much for posting about your email! ❤️
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    Rani32 reacted to Northerndynasty in February 2019 - AOS Filers!!!   
    Coming from the KING of Wait Whining, my timeline is:
    1/25 - sent
    1/28 - recd
    2/13 - NOA1 (!!!!)  yep - 16 days later!
    2/15 - bio's scheduled
    3/4 - bio's taken
    I was just as frustrated with the 16 day wait.  So, I called USCIS on 2/12, and spoke to the first level support, who agreed that the initial 15-day period was long enough to wait, and forwarded me on to the Escalated level, where you speak with an Officer.  The Officer suggested I email the Lock Box Support account, which I did just moments later.  And the VERY next day - text messages and emails flowed acknowledging each of the 4 applications, and payments made.
    Did my HUGE folder fall behind the heater and forget to be picked-up, or?
    Hang in there!  I feel ya!
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