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  1. I've heard that I only get one chance to respond to an RFE--would they tack on additional RFEs if they only caught my signature? :/ Are multiple RFEs even a thing? Kinda doubting myself.
  2. My RFE arrived in the mail today, and it only says "SIGN THE PETITION"--so I guess I sent a photocopy of the signature page and not my actual signature...it's easy enough to fix. However, that's the only thing it seems to be requesting. My husband (beneficiary) sent me photos of his completed I-130A, but the RFE doesn't ask for original beneficiary's signature. Since I have my original, should I send it in early to avoid delays? Include any additional evidence? Any advice appreciated! I know I got an easy RFE but it's still stressing me out
  3. I got my RFE letter today...apparently I didn't send my original signed copy of the I-130 (just the signature page). I could have sworn I did! That was the only thing they asked for, but should I send anything else? My husband sent me photos of his I-130A (meaning photos not physical signature) when we originally sent in the petition, could I get a second RFE for that? Or, are they only concerned about me as the petitioner? :/ I just want to avoid anymore set backs, thanks.
  4. My PD is Jan 10, just got the RFE notification this morning :( I hope the letter arrives soon, my husband and I are so annoyed! I sent a very detailed packet nearly 3 inches thick. Has anyone else gotten an RFE here?
  5. I was also told 45 days as well, but still once 45 business days have passed, I'm going to make myself a pest haha. As the petitioner and USC, I have every right. Especially if many other people are having the same problem, it's ridiculous that we're not getting consistent answers.
  6. In mid March I'm going to start calling the USCIS frequently... It's unreasonable that my case number won't even appear online! Sorry it's happening to you too :/
  7. Is anyone still having trouble getting their case number recognized on the website? Mine is still saying "Case Number not Recognized", and I know that I should wait 45 days--unsure if business days or not--but it seems so odd that it's not recognizing...I mean they generated a case number!
  8. This is what I'm hoping for too! My husband is a real wimp for the cold, so I'm hoping he'll be able to ease into a real winter. He's never seen snow before!
  9. It won't work for me either! I called the USCIS customer service and they told me to wait 45 days from my priority date to expect it to be updated on the website for me to check on my case... Whether that's 45 actual days or 45 business days, I don't know, so I'm counting 45 business days to not be disappointed :/ I'm still living with my parents while I wait for my husband to move out here and we can finally get on with our lives being independent haha.
  10. Good luck to you too! We can commiserate with similar PDs and Nebraska :'D Have you been keeping up with other Nebraska threads? So disheartening to be sent there :'/
  11. Thank you for confirming! I thought he didn't have to, he does not meet the physical presence requirements--he's never set foot on US soil!
  12. Hey Filers! I sent my petition for my husband: Jan 6th PD: Jan 10th Hard copy: Jan 16th I got sent to Nebraska though...I'm envious of your Texas people!
  13. This is only my second year filing taxes (recent college grad that still lives with their parents) so I could just be unfamiliar with a lot of processes. I got married in Sept 2017, my NRA spouse has never been to the US, never worked for a US company, and has no US-earned income. I spoke with the IRS on the phone for over an hour to figure out if he needed to file US taxes or not if we were filing separately, but was told that topic was "out of scope". I understand that if I file 'married, filing separately', I don't have to apply for an ITIN for him. He pays taxes in his own country. At this point in time, I don't necessary care about receiving the spouse allowance on my taxes. Is there any expectation he would have to file taxes in the US purely because he's married to me? I'd love any advice from anyone in a similar spot!
  14. Yeah same here, I even copy-paste to make sure I'm not typing it wrong :/ it seems rather odd they can't just add it to their system...? They had to issue a receipt/case number anyway. Someone I talked to with a PD of Jan 10 and also sent to the NSC was told by a USCIS agent to wait 45 days for it to be updated online but that seems like a ridiculous wait :U