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  1. could someone please help by posting a sample of I-130 checklist for parent. the petitioner is US Citizen and the beneficiary is his mother (single mother). Consulate processing. if anyone filed successfully under same or about same circumstances, I would appreciate if they share their checklist. many thanks
  2. 11/09/2018--- Intreview scheduled and receipt will be mailed to you 11/17/2018--- receipt received and interview is scheduled on 12/18/2018 at Santa Ana, CA office Anyone knows if my wife and I are allowed to bring our 3 months old baby? not to prove the relationship because we can do that with birth certificate but just because no one around to keep our baby with during that time.
  3. Thank you AtlToBlr and psgma for your responses!!! I hope to have more opinions from others but so far I am assured of that decision. if in worst case scenario, my AOS is denied and I am out of status (out from school for a long time), will there be something to do about it?
  4. Hello, I would appreciate if you guys can help me making a decision here. I filed on November 2017 ( a year ago) to adjust status from F-1 based on marriage to my US citizen wife. got my fingerprint done and received EAD but that was it until today. I recently went to an infopass in hope to get more information about my case than that I can access but it was disappointing, all they did was printing out processing time in my local field office and tell me that the wait could go for another year. I am currently still registered in school and taking useless classes just to remain in lawful status. I came to the country for associate degree and I have already graduated with that and have no intent to go for bachelor. so all classes I pay for out of pocket will contribute to nothing. Haven't found a job yet and recently my wife and I were blessed with a baby we are tight with baby expenses. can't be paying school for another 2 semesters. I have always remained in lawful status since 2011 when I first arrived in the U.S. but can't take this any more. it's a lot of money. how much of risk it is for me to drop school at this point (without comlicating my adjustmnt of status even more)?
  5. Had similar questions. just came back from an infopass appointment and boy i thought they had access to more information that i did...it was not worth it at all. all they did is print out the processing time for the field office from the website and said, it could take two years for the AOS...this was really all it now i am trying to send my AP form just in case
  6. Hello everyone, I apologize if there is already an existing topic about this. I haven't received any update on my cases since Biometrics in last December ( I filed on November, 14. 2017). EAD Received on April and nothing about I-130 and I-485 I want to know how do you check your "Processing Time" if you have more than one petitions e.g I-130 and I-485 in the case of AOS. I am confused between the two and which one I should check to know where I am from the wait time. My receipt numbers begin with MSC and from what I researched, it's National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, Missouri. This one is not included in the list of I-130 Service Centers. But I select California Service Center since I am filing from California. Estimated Processing Time for this petition (AOS from a marriage to USC) is between 17 and 22 months. On the I-485, I select Santa Ana local office just because it's where my zip code falls in based on USCIS website. This office is processing I-485 petition between 12 and 21 months. Am I doing things correctly here? and also, are these time ranges usually accurate?
  7. Hello, I filed for AOS back in November 2017 and have not been scheduled for an interview yet so technically I am still on ;student status. I have been living in California over a year now and I have recently been admitted to California State University Program after one year there as a guest student. I was wondering if anyone knows if with the fact that: I have been here in California for more than a year, married to a U.S Citizen, AOS pending, EAD received (April 2018) do i qualify to request to change my residency status for tuition purposes ( pay in-state tuition)? if not, then when would my residency status change as a California Resident for tuition purposes? does it start after receiving the green card with condition that I have lived in California for more than a year? or or is it a year AFTER receiving Green card regardless of how long you have been in California? I would appreciate if you guys can help me with this question. Thank you in advance.
  8. Congratulations brother!!! I am glad things went well for you. was nervous as hell just reading through your interview experience.
  9. same here, not sure if it is time to call USCIS for the EAD filed on November and did bio December 18th
  10. ahlan akhi, I called several offices and just came back from H&R Block office and trust me, they are as confused as I am in this case. according to IRS , I can file as an Alien Resident and I am exempt from not being covered by health insurance based on IRS test, but then filing as a resident, strips me from that exemption. it's a total chaos. lah y7fdek. I miss Philly
  11. thank you, it's what i read too on IRS website
  12. Ahlan a khay. Congratulations and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. thanks brother and let us know how it all went
  13. I filed on November 14th and according to VJ timeline estimation, I should have EAD between Feb 4th and 16th. sounds about right here and hopefully you get yours soon. I had my first EAD two years ago for OPT and I thought this would make the second one a little faster
  14. AJ-Ind, it must be frustrating in that situation, it's not easy to find a job in first place. I hope your employer arranges something
  15. You are right J-Jay, I regret not doing so but I had to go sort too much paper work filing it myself and not being obligated to send medical exam altogether was sort of relief to me at that time.