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  1. Thanks Susie, i actually used all information relevant to each applicant throughout the applications. However, by the end of each application, I noticed from samples that you need to enter passport number to complete “sign and submit” screen, so not sure if that passport number refers to applicant (minor child) or the signer (parent/principal applicant) I am completing DS260 for a friend and his family, so the process was quiet different from what I expected. I hope those who completed DS 260 for multiple family members under one case number can help!🙏
  2. Hi everyone, please help, asking for a friend. He won the lottery ( married with two kids age 2 years old and 3 months old). After completing each ds 260 for all of them. Now when you (principlal) come to “sign and submit” a child’s DS 260, do you enter child’s passport number or parent’s at that section before submitting? also, in what order you submit each ds 260 or des not matter? thank you all
  3. Hello, asking for a friend who was selected for dv lottery 2022. The notice letter says he needs to submit DS 260 for him (applicant) and all family members immigrating with him! my question is if this means he has to only include their information on one single ds 260 (one form per case) or if he is married with 2 kids, they need to submit four DS 260’s? Kind of confusing since the form is too long and 3 years old baby does not have a lot to fill that whole form out! will appreciate your help
  4. Hello All i would appreciate your help. i am about to send my I-751. 1- My wife and I have two common kids and one of them is a newborn. i dont have birth certificate yet, is the hospital birth record ok to include for now? 2- i have evidence of rental agreement showing we reside together, joint credit cards statements, joint car insurance, and health insurance plan...cant find 2019 tax papers we filed jointly, can i send 2018 ones or won't be necessary considering we have two common kids? 3- do we have to request interview waiver or is it just up to USCIS? would appreciate your help guys.. thanks
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