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  1. I got my visa today! Exactly 9 months ago we sent our package to USCIS and today I received my passport in the mail. In 9 days I'll be back home! It's so surreal. I have to say, thank you to everyone on here who has helped me. I feel like these past 9 months would've felt a lot longer if I hadn't had this forum. Good luck to everyone still waiting, I really wish this happiness for each and everyone of you.
  2. Our snail mail is literal snail mail. The DS-160 I sent last week (monday) literally arrived today at the embassy while I was waiting in the waiting area for my interview. But everything worked out, and I can say we're approved! June wedding, here we come.
  3. Guys... should I book my interview today? I had a medical yesterday and I'll have the second one tomorrow. The doc is giving me the envelope and I have to bring it to the embassy with me, nothing will be sent through him. I looked on my embassy's website and the earliest date they have is next tuesday. I so badly want to book it, but in the letter they said to only book once you have everything and I'm scared that maybe not everything will be ready and the doc will ask me to come back next week and then I would have to reschedule my embassy appointment, which they don't like. But I just don't want to waist anymore days, ugh
  4. Luckily (kinda) my interview hasn't been scheduled yet, but it'll probably be in two weeks if everything goes right. My fiancé decided to send me the new papers before your reply, but the cost is ridiculous for priority mail. Literally the most expensive piece of paper ever! Thank you for your reply though, it means a lot. Especially in these times, it seems the closer we get to VOH the more stressed out we get.
  5. Uhm, guys, can anyone please help me, my fiancé sent me the I-134, but signed the preparers box instead of the sponsors box, do you think this will be a problem at the embassy? I repeated myself a million times, to read it properly and stuff, but mistakes happen. So any advice? Low key panicking...
  6. Sooo, I got my embassy letter today, I need to collect all the documents and copies before I can schedule my interview, which is fine, but I do have one more question for you guys "an original birth certificate of every person named in the application" is that just mine or my fiancé's too? I mean logically I'm the one applying for the visa, but obviously both of our names are on every form, so just trying to make sure that I make the right choice. We're sooo close and I really don't want to mess up and delay the process. Oh and also, "an original birth certificate" the one you get at your town hall should do it right? Thanks lovelies
  7. When you can't do anything but wait for packet 3 cause the doctor won't allow a medical without your embassy letter I try not to go insane but I know: Patience is key
  8. @Swissmiss82 omg you're going to the love of your life tomorrow! I'm so excited for you I wish you two all the best and a super happy life and all that
  9. So it finally worked, the website accepted the picture, but on the confirmation page, it's sitting sideways, I tried uploading it sideways so it would sit up right , but nothing, and yes blurry all the way, but I'll bring some decent passport pics to the interview, I just wanted to get this out of the way, and I'm glad I did, cause the stress of running out of time and refreshing
  10. I honestly feel like I'm spamming this thread with my questions But... do you guys think, I can submit the DS-160 without picture and bring the confirmation page to the embassy with an actual printed picture attached? I calculated, about 8 pictures in total for this part of the process, right? (2 medical, 4 embassy, +1 DS-160) I mean the DS-160 does give you the option to proceed without picture, but I've read somewhere that you won't be able to print the confirmation page then..
  11. Okay peeps, I went from not being able to check my status to this yesterday: "Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center." Does that mean it's has left NVC? And isn't the embassy supposed to provide my interview date? I'm so confused, as always haha
  12. Hi friends, I have a question. I'm about to fill out the DS-160, but I'm not sure how to go about the picture. I already tried taking a picture myself and uploading it, but the quality doesn't meet the standards. (also it shows up sideways for some reason) How did you guys go about this? Selfies, professional pictures? And what about scanning them in? I'd obviously like to have this figured out so I can get my final things together, but I'd like some insight from you guys. So any advice is highly appreciated Thanks
  13. When you try to trick the system and save yourself some money by uploading a selfie for the DS-160, haha It didn't work, guess I'll have to go to a real photographer, but hey at least I tried How did you guys go about pictures?