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  1. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I would call in...
  2. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I got an approval the same day! I recieved my green card in 4 days.
  3. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I would love to answer you but i have no idea.
  4. Hi everyone! We filed for his parents in April 20th, his dad got approval notice today but i wonder why his mom has not yet? I filed them together i did everything all together. Every time they get a notice its for both of them. Now... nothing for her
  5. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Hi all! I finally did it! After my interview got cancelled September 19th i got my representative of state involved! I dont know what they did but 2 months later i had a new date for January 3rd! I didnt say anything because i got discouraged that it might happen again! We got approved on the spot and my green card is arriving on Thursday! Im sooo excited!!! Im hoping everyone will get to the end soon! -my city is Boston but i had my interview in Rhode Island
  6. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Yea! I hope it doesnt take much longer... thank you for checking up again and for the tips !
  7. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Hi! Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately i haven't heard anything yet... last i called uscis a week ago and they told me that my file is at rhode island location so i should wait for a letter from them.
  8. Nikolet Kamenov

    Interview was Cancelled

    I have a friend that has been waiting for over 3 months ...
  9. Hi guys, So i had my interview scheduled for th 19th of September in Johnston,RI but i recieved a notice on the 11th of september that my interview is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. My letter came very unofficial (my name was handwritten and it was typed up on word), so i went in the Johnston office on the 12th to find out if its real. The IO told me that indeed my notice is real and that the Boston office which im supposed to be at is very busy so they transferred my case to RI, but not my file (keep in mind these offices are 1h30min drive from eachother). He also told me that they cant cancel my appointment on the main computer because theirs didnt work with the main one ...something stupid like that, so my status still says my interview was scheduled. Now i wonder if anyone has ever been in this situation and what should i do? Should i make an infopass and bug them or should i just wait? Should i call?
  10. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Im so happy that you went through! Wouldn't want one more person getting cancelled.
  11. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Hi to you and to everyone following my story. So i went into Johnston office and asked what the hell? And the answer was: Because Boston office is so busy they transfer cases to Rhode Island however they do not transfer the files and they cannot conduct my interview without my file. They signed off on my letter again and told me to wait for a new date. Apparantly they cant cancel my date online because the main computer is not with them its in Boston and they cant do it. (Which means this will take forever) P.s my friend was in the same situation and he is now waiting a 3rd month for a second date.
  12. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    Nope, nothing yet. If i dont get a reply i will go anyway.
  13. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I think i will go if they dont call anyway... this way ill be sure
  14. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I just recieved a call. They said they do not have that kind of information in their system. They are putting a request in for the rhode island office and they will email me within 5 days. We will see...
  15. Nikolet Kamenov

    February 2018 AOS Filers

    I just did that. Unfortunately tier 1 couldn't answer my question and tier 2 officer will take 229 min haha! I will wait for a call back