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  1. Sadly tools wont be cheap to ship. As most go by size and weight. Best bet is to do a google search and get quotes.
  2. 000000

    Scheduling Medical and Interview days apart

    My fiancé booked medical and interview on back to back days. 18 days after interview she had vih.
  3. We all approved. Christine has vih.. just waiting till end of January. I’ll fly over and bring her back with me.
  4. 000000

    Packet 3 and 4 question

    That info does not pertain to us embassy in the U.K. Can't use what other countries do and apply it to the U.K.
  5. 000000

    Recieving passport back

    It was updated and put into ap with a hour of interview on then16th
  6. 000000

    Recieving passport back

    Her appointment was 9:30 I believe. Yes the ap sucks but, check ceac site often cus our changed 3 or 4 times in 2 days then finally it changed to in transit. Make sure u read it also. Our had saiid the same blah blah blah. Then I noticed it said something along the lines. U should receive notification with in 1 to 2 days. Then it changed back to the blah. Second day it changed.
  7. 000000

    Recieving passport back

    My fiancé did same thing. Medical on nov 15th interview the 16th. She just received vih today. Going by these dates I'd say its cutting it really close. But it's very possible. Once it moves to issued. Should have vih with in 5 days. We had to wait 4 days from issued to vih.
  8. There it is. 10 months 2 days from date filed. Christine has her VIH.. Thanks again to everyone that assisted in this process. Without you all. I'd gone nuts and been fricken lost. Special thanks to @John & Rose without ur misfortune and willingness to share with us all. I would of been in the same situation u ended up in. You saved us time and money. Wish u the best with ur cr1 sir. Side note: as u can all plainly see. It states clear not to open packet. Anyone who opens this deserves the repercussions that come with it!!!!
  9. My fiancé had medical on 15th and interview the 16th. Was moved to issued on the 29th. 13 days total. From what hat I have read. Once issued it's about 5 days until courier sends email and next day u have vih.
  10. I have flown American and delta when going to England. Flown to Manchester and heathrow. I have American air miles. They just had a Black Friday sale on bonus miles. So I up bought what was needed. If u check with them or delta they offer a lot of miles when u first sign up. But, have to spend X amount with in a 3 month period to get the miles.
  11. We looked at Dublin as a option also. Only heard good things. Also, checked WOW air and let me say....... Wow we're we shocked as u get up charged for everything.. lmk what he thinks about the flight. Im using air miles. Only cost $300 for the both of us (me round trip her 1 way). Plus extra baggage fees. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  12. That's a awesome area. Been there before it's just been many years. Chrsitine and I will be flying into philly as there r no direct flights to dtw from Manchester. Which means her Poe will philly and not the D.
  13. Awesome thanks for the info. notice u Detroit also. What part of the mitten u live?
  14. Thank u for the info. How many days after it went to issued did the tracking email arrive?