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    Aburashid reacted to sausa in I-751 August 2019 Filers   
    Hello Everyone,
    Hope you are doing well. Im not sure where I can find advice on this or if any of you know, but can I travel home ( to my home country?) after filing I-751 and have not received an update yet. My green card only expires on January 25 2019, but I have a family emergency back home now that requires me to leave immediately. Does anyone know anything? I filed last week packet was delivered Wednesday and have not got anything back.
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    Aburashid reacted to 3KKKLLL in I-751 August 2019 Filers   
    Application recieved Aug26th
    Nothing since then.
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    Aburashid got a reaction from MorganandMichael in I-751 interview coming up   
    Hi! Very impressive timeline with your I751! Could I ask which service center is processing your petition? Also, which local office (city) will do your interview?  We filed in August. Thanks for sharing!
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    Aburashid got a reaction from sarahandyunus in I-751 August 2019 Filers   
    Hi.  The extension letter is the NOA1.
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    Aburashid got a reaction from Adtdemirci in I-751 August 2019 Filers   
    People who have submitted petitions before their 90-day window opened have reported a range in the timeframe of the petition being returned. I've seen some as quickly as one week and a few as long as one month. If early submission is the issue as you suggest, eventually everything will be returned to you with each document that you sent with a scan code printed at the bottom. There will be a notice indicating that the submission was rejected and also a green slip that they ask you to include with the resubmitted package, which you should expressly resend.
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    Aburashid got a reaction from jafferi in NVC Filers - October 2017   
    Hello Jafferi, I heard the same thing, but personally, I think this is a myth. I reopened our DS-260 throughout our NVC period and it doesn't seem to have impacted our processing time at all, and if you look at our timeline, we breezed through NVC pretty quickly. Also, by reviewing our completed DS-260, I caught a small error that I made that I'm prepared to address if it comes up in our interview. That's my view of this issue. 
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    Aburashid got a reaction from geowrian in CR1 and K3   
    Hello Netta, I did the same as you: I filed an I-130 and since there was no cost, followed it up with an I-129/K3. I also received the notice saying that the I129F was closed because a benefit was received by other means. That benefit IS the I-130. So your I-130 has been approved. It takes a few days to get the NOA2 and for the USCIS status to update. The I-129 closure notice comes first. I bet you'll see your NOA2 some time this week. Congrats.
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    Aburashid got a reaction from Russ&Caro in Immigrant visa for kids   
    Everyone's answer is spot on. I'm a USC by birth and successfully petitioned for CRBA for my twins about 4 months ago. They were born in Ghana. The residency requirement is crucial in that you had to have lived in the USA for a total of 5 years PRIOR to the birth of the children. You'll have to present evidence that meticulously documents those 5 years. If you can't do that, then you'll have to go the I-130 route. If you qualify, you can apply for CRBA at the embassy where you reside (Tanzania). The U.S. Embassy websites generally have the CRBA applications available for download. Hope this helps.
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