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  1. But i don't have my case number yet. I can work on it later.
  2. FINALLY the wait is now over! Got our visa approved. Thank You Lord!
  3. the last time i saw t it was 2 weeks ago, and it was 15 slots available for december.
  4. My fiance and I did try to expedite our case because her mom wants to meet me in person before she dies. Unfortunately, they didn't approve our request. She just died 2 weeks ago due to lung cancer. It is so unfair because she was vegetarian, non smoker, and no other risk factor that we can associate to her condition. Even I wasn't there, I know that she is a good person, my fiance loves her so much. I saw her deteriorating for just 7 months of time. My fiance was about to breakdown and so as I because her mom was just in his house couple weeks ago, but now he is all alone, so instead of complaining, we are looking for ways how to cope up. I do feel you. Im sorry for your lost.
  5. We did celebrate Christmas together last year via skype, and so frustrating that we are gonna do same thing this year. Flying here is darn expensive so i dont want to tolerate it.
  6. This is true, we dont know what kind of life we're gonna have in USA, so it is better to enjoy the rest of our days (beneficiaries) with our family because this life that we choce has no turning back. We should be thankful instead of whinning because this is an opportunity for us already to derive an advantage from something that others are having difficulty to achieve. I am a whinner myself, but i got tired of it, tired of waiting and checking every single morning as possible. Besides, Christmas is something hard to give up, knowing that your fiance is going to celebrate it alone. Having high hopes isn't bad, but being anxious is terrible. So, my advice is to just think positive, and you arent the only one who is suffering.
  7. Im sorry for your frustrations. My fiance and I planned a courthouse wedding as well because of this uncertainty, We will do the big wedding by next year, that way my family could come. I gave up Christmas too cause there was this applicant who took a print screen of oct-dec interview dates showing nov is already fullybooked, whereas for dec, there are 10-15 as far as i remember.
  8. im may 10 filer and still waiting. hope to hear good news on monday. hope you get yours too soon.
  9. congratulation.. hope we can get it next week.. When did you schedule your interview? are there more slots available for nov and dec?
  10. Christmas is so impossible now. There are still lots of may 1-8 untouched cases, hope to hear good news soon.
  11. congratulation. we are May 10 filer as well, still on the verge of waiting, and about to give up lol
  12. That's what they say to my fiance. They are just giving us the maximum time to wait, that way we are not gonna bug them every now and then.