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  1. Ohhh and for sure the best part was celebrating like two crazies outside the embassy hhh. 😍❤️
  2. Hello, it seems that you have a lot of proof by meeting his family and traveling there more then one time. I would highly recommend to be with him at the interview. As the petitioner, I was able to be at the interview in Algeria an answer questions. It was also helpful to mention that during the AOS interview because is not a usual thing to take that extra step. Note that not all the countries will let you in to join him during the interview though.
  3. Salam, I agree with Janet3. Make sure he asks for a copy of the DS-3025 form at the clinic in Algiers to do the AOS later. If they don't give it you him, you may email them later, but it will take a longer time. Good luck!
  4. Hello, I know they ask for the Military Certificate (with translation) or exempted notice. Even if they don't ask for these documents at interview, he might have a problem when returning to Algeria in the future for not compleating this mandatory service. I hope someone can have a better answer on how to get the exempted notice before his interview.
  5. I have the same question and I hope someone here can share thier experience. Also, I wonder if it can be a friend or if it need to be a certified translator.
  6. Hello VJ, I was wondering if we have to update the SSN card from not authorized to work to allowed to work, after EAD combo has been issued?
  7. Hello VJ, I will like to know if it is best for a K1 visa holder (now living in the US) to apply for a Social Security Number before marriage and before doing AOS or it does not matter much? Thank you!
  8. Hello all, My fiance has his military records and card but are expired. It will take several months to get them updated. Could he present his old documents to his K1 visa interview in Algeria? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello VJ, I have a question concerning the military records for K-1 interview at the Algerian embassy. What documents are required besides the military card for someone who was in the military? Thank you.
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