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  1. Salam, I agree with Janet3. Make sure he asks for a copy of the DS-3025 form at the clinic in Algiers to do the AOS later. If they don't give it you him, you may email them later, but it will take a longer time. Good luck!
  2. Hello, I know they ask for the Military Certificate (with translation) or exempted notice. Even if they don't ask for these documents at interview, he might have a problem when returning to Algeria in the future for not compleating this mandatory service. I hope someone can have a better answer on how to get the exempted notice before his interview.
  3. I have the same question and I hope someone here can share thier experience. Also, I wonder if it can be a friend or if it need to be a certified translator.
  4. Hello VJ, I was wondering if we have to update the SSN card from not authorized to work to allowed to work, after EAD combo has been issued?
  5. Salam, all the info is here: http://www.algeria-cgny.org/visa/ It takes about two weeks to get the visa mailed back to you. Also, they are very nice on the phone, so you can try calling them during bussness hours. Delivered to applicants who want to visit Algeria for tourism. Please allow at least 08 business days to process the application after we receive it at the Consulate General. Application: Please submit the following: • Hotel reservation, notarized invitation letter or travel agency invitation letter. Algerian host invitation letter can be notarized at the city hall in Algeria or at a notary public office if made by an Algerian living in the US. Algerian host must provide a copy of his Algerian ID, passport or consular card; • A copy of round trip flight ticket; • Statement of financial resources or proof of income (pay stab, bank statement…); • Passport hard copy and a copy of the first page. The passport should be valid for at least six months; • $160 money order, we accept ONLY USPS money orders; • Two (02) copies of application form (Download) . Please fill out the editable PDF application form on screen, print it and then date and hand sign it. On each copy, please glue a photo on the box reserved for it at the upper right side of the form. The photos should be US passport photos, 2 x 2 inches or 51 x 51 mm. • You can apply in person, send your application through a visa services agency or mail it directly to the Consulate General. If you prefer to mail it directly, please provide a prepaid self-addressed return envelope (certified mail).
  6. Debbiedoo, thank you so much for your answer! This info helps me much.
  7. Sorry to hear about this difficult moment. This K1 road is not an easy one. You seem like a strong person and many beautiful things will come your way. Wish you the best!
  8. Hello VJ, If you don't mind sharing your opinion about the name change for the petitioner before sending the AOS package. We got married and I will like to change my last name to his. The only problem I see is with my passport because it can take up to 3 week to renew it. I understand that I must send the bio info page of both passports for the AOS package. Thank you in advance!
  9. I emailed the clinic and asked for a copy of that DS-3025. Cross fingers they will send me a copy and it would be enough as you said.
  10. This is a long process but the visiting will help a lot. Wish you the best and be strong with your love!
  11. Marcelina, so the only thing we need to get is the vaccines approval form the doctor here. We don't need another envelope or medical results besides the vaccines? Thanks again. <3
  12. OMG we did ask many times at the clinic in Algeria. They kept saying that they never have seen the DS-3025 form before. I guess is just luck when they give it. Thank you!
  13. AnaidAaron, I would think that using the passport is enough because it has the identification page and the K1 visa.
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